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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 8)

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You know, the government asks scientists: "Can you put a man on the moon?" They say: "We don't know." "What you mean, you don't know?" They say: "We don't know what a man can stand." "What do you mean by that?" "We have to put him in a centrifuge world round. If he conks out at nine times gravity, that's the speed you can... you can't take off too fast, 'cause everybody would die." So, they have to do a study to find out. If you want to put up a building a half a mile high, you got to make a concrete mixture, that can stand that load. And when you make a concrete mixture, they put it in a machine and push and if it can stand that load that's what they use. They arrive at decisions, they don't make decisions. Normal people make decisions, scientists have to arrive at it. - That's what we mean by the scientific methods applied to the social system. - Thank you for your answers. - Just one follow up. How do you distinguish, if it's a... Just one follow up on this. How that you ensure that you distinguish between decisions arrived or decisions which has been made. How that you ensure we can distinguish. - Ok, I think I got it. Well, let's just say...I have to give you an example, excuse me. If a man or a woman designs an airplane with sweep forward wings and other one designs it with sweep back wings, who decides which is built? Is that the kind of question? - Yes. - Ok. We build both, 'cause we don't know. We wanna find out how far forward, how far back, how planes behave with wings sweep back or sweep forward. Why he has to decide this or that, you know what I mean? In a Resource Based Economy, the people are telling me organic food is better than food that's genetically altered. So, we try on. If it doesn't work, we stop it. If the buildings fall on people in an earthquake, we design them with tapered walls, without ornaments hanging on there, they fall on people. In other words, a person says: "Well, my brother-in-law died, he was sitting in bed smoking and he dropped his cigarette and fell asleep." We have all our beds made of foam, that's not foam, rubber, but inside, there bubbles of CO2 gas, so if you dropped the cigarette on the bed it would put it out. There're no signs in The Venus Project. "Drive carefully, school crossing." I'm sure you've seen them. Ok. Here's what we have. When a kid wants to go across the street, he press a buttom but there's a gate, he can't walk. So, the gate opens. The pavement looks like a comb, when you press the bottom it turns up like that so no car can hit a kid. Is that clear? All cars... You know what a proximity device is? The cars have a gadget on them, that send out sound, get feed back. So, if you got mad at me, you couldn't drive your car into my car. It'll stop, forty feet away. That's what I mean by technology. Our problems are no longer political, they're technical now. Everything that you have. Your electric light, your automobile, your airplanes, are all technical. Did any politician ever gave you anything technical? I don't know of anyone. So, when you think about it, everything... Your eye glasses are made by optometrists, that examine your eyes, or ophthalmologist, who knows something about the eye. But politicians know something about nothing. They never did. Now, George Washington was America's first president. Had three hundreds slaves, did you know that? If we knew that, he'd be arrested today, put in prison. So, all the people you admire, King Salomon, he had a thousand wifes, "... great man, King Salomon." Today, he'd be arrested as a bigamist. So, all the people you admire are bums and hooligans. I hate to say this, but they are worthless people. They contribute nothing to society, most of the people. Your movie actors, television taking...making jokes, football players. They earn more money than the people that gave us life, like Louis Pasteur. He enable us all to live by doing his work, and you'd all be dead that if it wasn't for him. But what have you got in your parks? Cannons, war tanks in front of the schools? Airplanes, bombers, what the hell kind of society do you live in? If you had statues of all the people that prevented childbirth fever, malaria, scarlet fever. Those are the real people that keep you alive. So, in the future everyone will live very well. I'm not talking about a society where you give out handouts or you just get by. I'm not talking about that. I'm saying to you that the middle class American, I don't know too much about this country, lives better than kings. He has telephone in his car, he has televisions in his car, air conditioning. No king ever had that, but if you turn science loose. Not making nuclear weapons or submarines or crap like that. Making things better for people, bridging the difference, in 10 years we can change the surface of the Earth, the beautiful garden. We'd have no parks, all the city would be emerged in lovely gardens with waterfalls... Why? Because, the smarter people are, the better educated, the richer the world. If you can't afford to go to college, that's a crime against humanity. Any kid that wants to go to school study anything should be permitted to do that, just like you give machine guns to soldiers, you give them cannons, airplanes, whatever the hell they want. They can fire over villages and wipe it out. And you admire that guy. I used to work for the head of the German Air Force, at Roosevelt field. His name was Ernst Udet and he shot down 70 airplanes and I said: "How did you shoot down 70 airplanes?" He said in an heavy German accent: "It was very easy." I said: "But how did you do it?" "I'd fly above the squadrons und I looked down at the rookies that couldn't maneuver too good, and pick 'em off." That would be a son of a bitch in your terms. You know what I mean? But to the world, he's a hero. Same for Eddie Rickenbacker... Used the same technic. So, when you don't know this things about... Look, Harry S. Truman you know what... the president Truman. He owned an hat shop. He was a hat salesman. What the hell is he doing in Washington? The people in Washington should be at the forefront of technology. Know the latest things. They tell women to write your congressmen if you want women's rights. Why the hell do you have to write to that jackass? If you get to an airline today, you don't have to write to pilots to say they've been flying at an angle, straighten up. He know his business. Even the navigators knows how to get to Hawaii or whatever you're going. You don't have to write them, when you travel on an ocean liner, the captain know how to get you there. But who the hell are this people that you have to write to? Don't seem to know anything. So, I've always spoken this way, even...the politicians. And one politician said: "Jacque, if you convince too many people, too fast, like that", he says, "the government might pick you up." I said: "How they do that?" "All we do is put drugs in your car, Jacque. It's easy. They go to pick you up." And you're friend will say: "You know, there was something strange about Fresco, anyway." They can do whatever they want. They say: "Jacque..." I get a check from the Vatican. Or he gets a check from the Atheist League of America, whatever it is. They do that and they lie about anybody that they want to smash. Just remember that. So when that happens, it's to be expected. - Question? - Any other question? - Yes, sir. So, I want to thank you for coming to Portugal and thank you all the people in here. Huge success today. We weren't expecting that many people in here, so thank you for coming all. I have one short question. We know all about the human replacement in production and distribution of services but we also assist the replacement of humans in... in calculation and my question is: What about... the place of the machines in the calculations? I mean, we are assisting of the replacement of humans for a calculation of mathematics, super calculators like computers. What about them? What about the place of the human calculating things, like such for architecture or such areas. Also, I have another short question. Ok, ok. - What about people being replaced as calculations for... calculations for something like architecture. - Ok. - If architects are becoming machines in the future? What will people do?

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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 8)

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