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Paul Hawken - Vestiges of Wisdom

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global oneness project Vestiges of Wisdom The things that are more true to their original nature tend to be the vestiges of wisdom, that tend to be where they're held, and those can occur in any living form, including human beings. Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author And again, I want to make a real point here, which is that we distinguish human beings from life and we shouldn't. We're a life form, we're an animal, and we're a really unusual animal, but we're still an animal. And I don't say that to put us down so much as to connect us to all other forms of sentience on earth, whether they be butterflies or an oak leaf which is just behind you. These are forms of sentience that we have sort of pulled away from, and now we're starting to look back and say, "Wait a minute." "I went too fast. I got ahead of myself." And there's just beautiful stories about Lake Titicaca when the Spaniards came, and there was one island--I forget the name of the island there-- where the priest was there and the Spanish were coming, and so he dumped everything into the lake--all the treasures--so the Spanish couldn't find it, and they tortured him, but he had a dream where he was given a leaf--a magic leaf-- not magic but a divine leaf that would help their people survive the Conquistadors and it would help them deal with the onslaught. And it was a coca leaf. It said, "But at the same time, this leaf will also destroy your oppressors." In other words, they will use it in a different way. It's kind of an interesting story and prophecy that has been there for hundreds of years about plant life, about how life can either enhance and allow us to become ourselves or we can take life, which we do in Western culture, and use it to destroy ourselves. And both are possible. And I think the narratives that make sense to us now are older narratives. They're narratives that are timeless and not modern tales of woe and depression and fear and hungry ghosts and all that sort of stuff. The stories that really make us come alive are ancient. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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