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Nigel Farage on who's who in the EU commission

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President... Mr. Barroso says, "I think my team is of high quality." Well, let's conduct a human audit. Now I'm mindful that audits aren't very popular in the European Commission and that auditors – if they do their job properly – get fired but nonetheless here goes: From France we have Mr. Jacques Barrot He'll take on transport. In 2000 he received an eight-month suspended jail sentence for his involvement in an embezzlement case and was banned from holding public office for two years. From Hungary we have Mr. Kovács, he'll take on taxation. For many years a Communist apparatchik a friend of Mr. Kádár -- the dictator there and an outspoken opponent of the values that we hold dear in the West. His new empire will produce taxation policy and he'll look after the customs union from Cork across to Vilnius. Are the EPP and British Conservatives really gonna vote for that? From Estonia we have Mr. Kallas for 20 years a Soviet Party apparatchik until his newly acquired taste for capitalism got him into some trouble. Though, to be fair, he was acquitted of abuse and fraud but convicted for providing false information. And he's gonna be in charge of the anti-fraud drive! I mean you couldn't make it up! From the UK we've got Peter Mandelson, he'll take on the trade portfolio. He, of course, twice was removed from the British Government, yet to be fair, he is one of the more competent ones! From the Netherlands we've got Neelie Kroes, she'll take on competition. She's accused of lying to the European Parliament. Now, these may only be allegations, but they are made by Mr. van Buitenen and I think should be listened to. Ask yourself a question: Would you buy a used car from this Commission? I mean the answer simply must be 'No'! But even if they were competent, even if this was a high-quality Commission - and sorry, Mr. Barroso, but I don't think it is - even if it was a high-quality Commission we would still vote 'No' on the political principle that it's the Commission that is the guardian of the Treaties; that it's the Commission that is the motor for integration; that it's the Commission that initiates the legislation that is damaging our businesses across Europe so badly; it is the Commission that is the embodiment of all that is worst in this European Union; it is the Commission that is the government of Europe and is not directly accountable to anybody. And please, when you vote, take note that 20 of these Commissioners have already said that they intend to attempt to implement the Constitution even before it's been ratified by Member States governments. In the face of such breathtaking arrogance, nobody in the Independence and Democracy Group will vote for this Commission. Thank you. help translate at and sign the petition at

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Nigel is at it again in the so-called European parliament taking on the might of the EU commission

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