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Don Peppers - Customer Interaction- LEGO example

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Sometimes differences can be discerned Don Peppers through simple observation, Leading expert in Customer-Focused business strategies but other times, Often, customer differences can be discerned it's necessary to interact with a customer. through simple observation LEGO told me that three 10-year-old boys But sometimes it's necessary to interact might walk into the same toy store with a customer and buy the same LEGO Star Wars set for three different reasons. The first little boy is a role player. He wants to put this LEGO set together and then he's going to be Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. Okay? He's playing a role, okay? The second little boy, he's a constructor. His whole mission in this LEGO set is putting it together exactly the way it is in the diagram. And once he's put it together like that he's had his fun. He may leave it together for a couple days or a couple of weeks then he'll take it apart again and put it together again from scratch. And still a third kind of kid who buys LEGO sets is what LEGO called a creator. A creator is somebody who would never dream of putting together something that someone else had already put in a diagram. They buy the set, but they want to build something different. Now LEGO said, "If we just knew which child was which, think of all the things that we could sell them differently." For the role player, we could sell them hats and costumes and toy lightsabers. For the constructor, we could sell them here's 10 extra diagrams of other things that you can build with these pieces. For the creator, we can give them storybooks and videos and other things. But how would LEGO find out which child is which? That was one of the goals of their website. The website was organized so that if you are a constructor, you can order extra diagrams, if you're a role player, you can get the accoutrements. And once LEGO knows who you are, okay, then they can begin treating different customers differently.

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Don Peppers - Customer Interaction- LEGO example

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