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Semi-Pro (2008)

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[disco music] ♪ Get the funk outta my face ♪ ♪ Get the funk outta my face ♪ (interviewer) I am here with Flint Tropics' Jackie Moon. Jackie, thanks for taking the time. (Jackie) Thanks for having me, Dick. (Dick) Jackie, I think a lot of people would describe tonight's loss as humiliating. [thud on floor] (announcer) Oh! (Jackie) I don't know about that - we had a good time out there. (Dick) You did have fun.... ...How did you learn to play basketball? I saw it on TV a couple of times, I thought, "I can do that". (Dick) My gosh, it's almost like you're in some sort of basketball trance. Jackie, what sorts of promotional things do you have coming up this season? Let's see, we've got pancake night, ... clown makeup night, we get a live camel in here, and just see what happens. (announcer) Here comes Jackie! Aaaaaaah! [crunch] (commissioner) The ABA will be merging with the NBA the end of this season. Yes! I am so happy, I can't even feel my arms. Four teams will be absorbed into the NBA next year. Who- hoo! Hey Jackie, the Tropics won't be going. Wait, what did you say? No! (commish) You're being - look - Jackie, Jackie... Don't bite yourself. You take the four teams with the best records, they should merge. He's right. The season isn't over yet. Exactly! What he just said. Problem is, we suck! You did not deserve that. I know! I apologize. If we play fundamental basketball, we can make a run at this. ♪ Dance to the music ♪ What is this? (Jackie) This is the future of basketball. This is our season, and we gonna finish it. Don't worry guys, I got these. ...I'm very good at free throws. Seriously,.... free throws are probably the best facet of my game. (crowd) Awwww. ♪ Dance to the music ♪ Tomorrow, I, Jackie Moon, will wrestle a bear. (girl) If you feel like you're in danger, . just say "spumoni" I don't need spumoni [ring bell sounds, bear growls] I'm just fine, this bear's not doing anything. Jackie Moon! Damn! [thud, bear growling over and over] Spumoni! Spumoni! (narrator) Semi Pro.... Nobody move - I think he left. Where are you, precious? [loud growl] Everybody Panic! If you have a small child, use it as a shield! They love that tender meat. [Captions by]

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