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The Backup Plan

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You're one of my best friends. Don't you want to help me? We don't have to have sex, just - will you be my baby-daddy? I just always thought I'd be married with kids by now. I still haven't found "the one". The elusive "one". Good luck! Guess it's time for my backup plan. Are you high? It says here he has red hair and freckles. (male voice) I have a feeling that you and CRM1014 are going to make beautiful babies together. [chortles] (doctor) You don't have to walk like that. Oh, okay. Hi. (both) Hi. [music: "Miss Independence" - Kelly Clarkson] Hi! (woman with baby) Get away from me! Excuse me! I didn't see you. I saw you see me. Forget it. I'll get out. But not because you're right - because I'm in a terrific mood,and you're ruining it. Who's that guy? (friend) He's hot. Hi. Did you follow me here? Follow you? Okay, now this is getting weird. I know, we keep running into each other. It's crazy. What are you doing tonight? (friend) Are you going to see him again? I think so. I'll call you. I'll wait by the phone. [whispering] But what if I'm pregnant? Let go right now! (doctor) Congratulations! How are we feeling? We're freaking out! What she said. This guy - he's special.... (guy) Where have you been? the whole thing's gonna fall apart. (woman) There is something that I have to tell you. (guy) I have something that I have to tell you too. I love you. [vomiting] That's not the answer I was hoping for. I'm pregnant. I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen that fast. It was before I met you. Whew! You got no idea. We're supposed to date for a year or two before we get serious. Then we get married, and then we have kids. [slurping noises] (guy) What's it like, the whole kid thing? (guy friend) It's awful, awful, awful. Then a small moment happens, that's so magical. that makes it all worthwhile. Dadda. I guess this would be that moment, huh? What do yo have there, son? Poo-poo. This is more than you bargained for. It's more than I bargained for. You two should get in here. Oh no. Come on. it is really quite beautiful. [screaming] I shouldna seen that. [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 18, 2010

The Backup Plan Captioned Trailer

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