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Cuban Hip Hop

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Cuban rhythms are legendary, and float through Havana streets just as they have for decades. The revolution has done little to dampen Cuban enthusiasm for their music, or the world's desire to listen. People crowd just down the block to hear accomplished musicians belt out salsa, marenge, and rumba classics. But there is another kind of music growing in the streets here. And despite the U.S trade embago it originated in New York 's South Bronx. In the run-down Havana barrio of Santos Suarez kids play baseball in the street. And a new sound spills out from hip hop producer Pablo Herrera's second story apartment. It is appealing to the people of Cuba because it speaks and it comes from the voice of those who are oppressed basically around the world. Born and raised in Havana Pablo became obsessed with American rap at an early age. in 2001 he produced a Cuban hiphop all-stars album. His apartment is a center for talented hopefuls to get message out. While U.S. gangster rap often rhymes with violence and drugs Pablo is promoting artists with a strong social conscience. Like the group "Cien Porciento" (or "one hundred percent"). Borrowing from their African heritage and traditional Cuban music Cien Porciento rap about issues that affect everyday life in the streets, like racism. We are the revolution within the revolution because we are really the next generation which is coming, putting out or opening up new ideas. And we are making our way in the face of all kinds of hardships, trying to be a part of what makes up the culture of Cuba itself. In Havana Nightclubs, it's clear that the new generation of the revolution is embracing hip hop music and fashion. And at Club Las Vegas, Cien Porciento aims to enlighten and entertain. Cien Porciento has the power and the potential to be the voice within Cuban hip hop that talks deeply about spiritual guidance. And that's what everybody says.

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Posted by: greenbo on Mar 30, 2010

A Havana musician promotes social change

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