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the professor and the detective boys went to a soccer game the team we where cheering for tokyo spirits ,beat noir tokyo and won the Tokyo derbry the train ride heme was filled with supporters from both teams However,inside the train , a dead man was on the floor Mr.supervisor ! don't move this train someone was stabbed w-what ? will you contact the ticket barriers .. And check all tickets belonging to the Tokyo Spirits and noir Tokyo supporters stop anyone that bought a ticket before 5:00 p.m.l Why ? Just do it !! If you don't the murderer will get away !! the victim was a fervent supporter for Noir Tokyo He was a proud hooligan who often caused trouble He also appeared often on the news Kadotake Akano The suspects were hasue kira Mitsuaki Funato And Etsutoshi Oba Three supects . We only know that were in crowded trains however... however,that doesn't say anything. There must be something Another key to solve this case But... Why that person..? Like that? Haibara-san isn't here. Oh,she said she had to use the bathroom Who cares.what about big's game? you were listening to the radio,right? It seems as though I dropped my radio while we were getting off the train. It wasn't in thie train nor on the platform Man,that sucks someone else probably picked it up. the game is 0-0 in the first half of the overtim period! Oh! Ramusu makes a front pass ! Higo gets it ! go get him defense ! this is defining ! Higo goes straight to the goal Almost at the goal He shoots Oh! it hit the goal post ! Has god abandoned higo as well ? There is so much booing ! Higo-san is kind of like you. isn't he ? Noir is black' in french The betrayer from the black team. What are you saying ? But,haibara. Just like you ,higo-san had a reason to leave the team. Higo had half brother .His name was Rikuo Endo. He was a sub-defender in the J-Leaque in Noir up to last year. Of course,no one knows about them. They had different last names and kept it a secret I heard about it two years ago When I was 10th grade, the brothers who had just joined Noir came to see my game At that time .Higo told me... "Interested in winning with us in Noir Tokyo?" But this year,Noir Tokyo suddenly made Endo-san quit. which means the reason they let Endo-san in... was to get Higo to join the team When Higo-san noticed that.He changed to big Osaka,who let ENdo-san in as a trainer Both of them are dreaming to be in the J1 league Higo is injured! This is probably a yellow card violation But no card is coming up ! Oh top of that , there is massive cheering when their own team's foward made a foul ! He is surreunded by haters Can Higo play on any field in japan? wait a minute wasn't today's Tokyo derby.. I knew it ! The culprit is that liar ! And if I'm right, the proof is most likely... on that person's body. Inspector Megure ! The train where the murder occurred was moved to the garage. We are almost done inspecting the area around the exits of the care as well Ok.we've done everything that we need to do here All we need to do now... Is for you three suspects to come with us and tell us what you have to say Hey,wait isn't that vcluntray ?? Give me a break ! I have to go to work ! God! can we please talk some other time ? You can't. The evidence will disappear is we wait that long Or is there some reason why you wish to leave the crime scene so quickly ? Hey,shinchi... what did you say ,old geezer ? You sound like some detective Do you know who the culprit is ? No... That's right.. I knew who it was when I heard the stories of these people. The culprit is the liar,the fake supporter Liar?? Fake supporter?? Oh,I get it , it's this guy,right?? what?? you said that you missed the two wing goals. What about that Hide and Naoki made the goal They're the forwards who can move freely around the field. They aren't wings who are stuck to the line all day Is that true?? Y-yeah. And the usage of wings is quite old.They aren't used much anymore. well,acually, I just became a soccer fan. That's why I thought Hide and Naoki were "wings" which sounded cool. stop lying you're the murderer,aren't you?

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