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ENDCIV: Premise 3

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The following is a clip from the upcoming film END:CIV To help make this project a reality visit WWW.ENDCIV.COM I gave a talk in Oregon a couple of years ago and this guy afterwards said, "You know, you talk a lot about this culture being based on violence but I don't see it, you know, I'm not violent." And, I say, "Okay, first off, where's your shirt made?" He looked and it was made in Bangladesh. I said, "Look,do we even need to talk about that?" "He's fucking faking he's dead!" Yeah, he's breathing." "He's faking he's fucking dead!" Our way of living -- industrial civilization -- is based on, requires, and would collapse very quickly without persistent and widespread violence. (indecipherable) a large explosion, a large explosion. (sound of gun shots) Wow. Woman: I'll just take a couple eggs. How many you want? Man: two. "Two, two is good. Okay. Now what next?" "Two ham." "Great." "Tomato." "Tomato, okay, how about that?" "Okay, some onion." "Onion." "Ooh, and cheese!" "Everything, then, right, you want everything. Okay. I understand, okay. We'll just pop this on. Now watch! I'm chopping the ham and veggies, grating the cheese, and whipping the eggs all in three seconds. The machine that just made those smoothies for Vernon and Fred can make an omelette. Man: There's not much time left to get this beautiful hope diamond necklace (interrupted by gunshots), Gillian? Woman: Absolutely, John, you're going to want to give us a call to get this beautiful hope diamond necklace. This is a 45.52 carat diamond surrounded by 16 white diamonds. It has a platinum chain bearing 46 more diamonds. Man: These are twelve 4-ounce southern barbecue chicken breasts. They stuff in gourmet, farm-fresh chicken breast -- they come from the barnyard to your backyard. They're wonderfully marinated and guaranteed to be tender, juicy, and downright delicious. Woman: Fine-tune those measurements. We keep them on file. They're saved, they're on our computer. Go back into the section where you reorder, and fine-tune those measurements for us. Um, and then we'll have a chance to send you another pair of customized jeans that we really believe are going to fit perfectly. Man: We're going to do a countdown, starting from 5. Everybody got to help me out here, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (explosion) Ho! (cheering and clapping) It worked! Second, I said, "Okay, do you pay rent?" He's like, "Yeah." And I said, "Why?" And he said, "Because I don't own..." And I said, "No, no, no. What would happen if you didn't pay rent?" He said, "Well the sheriff would come and evict me." I said, "Well, I don't know what that means. What would happen?" "Well, the sheriff would come and he would knock on the door--" "So, okay, great. What happens if you open the door and you say 'Hey, I'm just finishing up making dinner. You want some?' And so the sheriff sits down, you feed him, you don't poison him. And then, uh, after dinner you say, 'Well, you know, you've been somewhat pleasant company but not all that pleasant so I would like for you to leave my home now.' What would happen?" He said, "Well, the sheriff would pull out his gun and he'd say, 'Well, I'm here to evict you because you didn't pay rent.'" I said, "Ahh, so the reason you pay rent is because if you don't, some guy with a gun is going to come and take you away." He said, "I think I get it." I said, "Well, let's try again. What happens if you're hungry so you go to the grocery store and you start eating. What's going to happen?" Said, "We're going to call the sheriff!" I say, "Yeah, it's the same guy who's going to come with the gun to take you away. He's a real asshole, isn't he?" So one of the reasons we don't see a lot of the violence is because it's exported. Another reason we don't see a lot of the violence is because we've been so metabolized into the system that we've bought into this strange notion that it's okay to have to pay to exist on the planet. That's really, really weird, and if you don't pay, then some guy with a gun is going to come and bad things are going to happen to you. END:CIV is a crowd funded project To help make this project a reality visit WWW.ENDCIV.COM

Video Details

Duration: 4 minutes and 24 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: subMedia
Director: Franklin Lopez
Views: 139
Posted by: stimulator on Mar 30, 2010

This short piece explores the third premise of Derrick Jensen’s “Endgame”

The cast:

Tenant - Dave Markland
Pig - Dave Cunningham

Production assistance from Carlos Melendres

The music is by stig inge oy.

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