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Secrets of the zohar class #1_Rav-miracle

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We represent the tools that can create miracles in your life Now we don't claim to have a patent on that it's there for anyone who wants it We all have our problems everyday, right? You and I have problems Not that there are problems that cannot be overcome or cannot be resolved but who wants the problems in the beginning, in the first place? I want to avoid those problems from ever taking hold in my life even if it's for one moment Security shield doesn't let that energy called chaos of whatever form from entering into my doormen I am protected It seems like it never ends We go through years of happiness and bingo the boom comes down and there we are and forget all the pleasure that we had enjoyed even though this chaos may have taken only a couple of minutes but it's enough to wash out all those years of happiness That is the human frailty Before my days of Kabbalah how did I look at that? same question God! God! Help me! God, help me! And you know what? Sometimes he did sometimes he didnt I guess sometimes he was on vaccation So he couldn't be there all the time and then maybe he was taking care of somebody else You know sometimes a physician is supposed to come at this hour he shows up 6 hour later Where were you? I was busy with somebody else Busy with somebody else? What about me? Wow, what is about the other person? Who comes first? Do you come first or do they come first? Was it a question of who comes first we both need you! So the answer is If he can be in two places at the same time that would be a great idea that's one way to resolve it Kabbalah we are saying it's an energy force and energy force can be in a million and infinite places at the same time The first thing I remembered was Look where you are now You are no longer The Rav Here nobody even knows you Here you are just another number I am saying that came into my mind I can't deny it didn't And then I immediately regrouped myself and said - wait a second that's all wrong there is no chaos I did Seder last Pesach So what's this all about? A game? between me and whom? Between me and Satan? was it a test? a test! see how i am going to overcome this test Will I break down and say God help me! Get me out of this! Or, I am gonna say - i am going to get myself out of this That was the first thought that came to me I am not saying everybody can think like that you gotta be pretty strong I dont mean to say that i am strong but i am strong in that belief that the only one who can create miracles is we ourselves

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