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LinkedIn's SlideShare application

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Aplicaciones en LinkedIn My name is Rashmi Sinha and I'm the co-founder and CEO of SlideShare and we built the SlideShare on LinkedIn application. The core functionality of SlideShare on LinkedIn is to allow you to upload and display your own presentations, and that could be anything. It could be your resume in slide format or it could be your slides from a talk or it could be your field's presentation. And you could, in the same easy manner, you could also browse presentations from your next work. You could find out what people in your next work have been up to, what talk they give in, what professionaly they've been up to. Time here to date with the SlideShare up to you and I'll show you what it will be like once we have installed the app. If you go down on your LinkedIn homepage, you'll start seeing the SlideShare app and it's right here and shows you the latest presentations from your network. And here I can see that there are two new presentations and one of them is this Rubymeetup talk slides from my co-founder. So let's peek and take a look at the slides And this is what a SlideShare presentation looks like. I can go forward and backwards in the slides. I can even full screen it. And once I full screen it is really like being in PowerPoint except that I'm at LinkedIn at this point. And since I like this presentation I can save it to my favorites here and now John will found out that I favorited his slideshow and he'll like that. I can even post a comment here. And on the right side I can see other presentations from my network as well. Now I'm going to show you how you can populate your profile with lots of presentations. So, one way to do it is to go to the upload screen here and you just get upload files. We support upfiles up to 100 MB in size And we support PowerPoint PPS, PDF, OpenOffice files. However if you already have a SlideShare account you can actually just link your account, do your linking profile and you can import all the presentations in one go which is what I did. So on my SlideSpace here I can see all these presentations that most of them I did not upload directly. Actually this is my account of SlideShare, I already have my presentations here. And by linking my accounts together I was able to bringing on my presentations in one go. Thank you for watching this demo We hope you will give the SlideShare app on LinkedIn a try Upload your presentations it takes just a moment and we cannot wait to see your presentations on LinkedIn. How to install applications on LinkedIn To install an application on LinkedIn visit the link in apps directory find the application you'll like to install, then click "Add aplication". You can then customize your application and begin creating and collaborating on LinkedIn. Para saber más, visita

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Posted by: choulo on Nov 1, 2008

A brief tutorial on how to use the SlideShare application inside your LinkedIn account.

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