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2 of 11, Extraterrestrial Guides_ The Great White Brotherhood in the Andes

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positive form – was transferred to the Americas. In its feminine aspect, or negative charge…. Negative doesn’t mean bad, but a quality that is represented. The feminine energy is concentrated in the Americas, all along the Andes and going all the way up to Mt Shasta. This energy has its center in Lake Titicaca because it’s the highest place, at 3800 meters above sea level, forming a great place for concentrating the energy. Later on we are going to see more about that. But I will to tell you this; the Great White Brotherhood has deposited there a wonderful instrument known as the "Solar Disc". Now, the ET guides invited me, along with six other friends, to go to a place called the Animas at nine o’clock at night. They said they were going to come with their ships, confirming the telepathic communication that I had back in 1977. So, that date I went with my friends to this place, and what I saw changed my life. Five different objects appeared in front of my eyes. They started to send beams of light, as if they had powerful flashlights that were illuminating great extensions of land, for about fifteen minutes. While that was happening, I received more telepathic communications from the ET guides who were claiming to start a new process of preparation, for us to be able to have physical contact with them – and not because they are better than we are, but because the fields of energy in which they move around are different than our fields of energy. They suggested that we need to start a sensitization process for our physical structure, our thoughts, and to elevate our spiritual vibrations. They also suggested that we start a process of vegetarianism in order to elevate our vibration. Then they can come down and contact can be made. They claim that around Lake Titicaca area they have supported the civilizations of two great solar cultures. One civilization is that of Guanacota which, even today, very few people know about it, that is considered the most ancient in South America. But recently, excavation began and now it is about 10 percent excavated so far. I was telling them about the concentration of cosmic energy in this planet – the positive energy and the negative energy – that it is specifically concentrated in Tibet, in Lake Manasarovar; and also in Lake Titicaca, in South America. It is curious to see these two photographs [Indicating the video image on left]. But down there, there are Tibetan people. So if there weren’t these Tibetan people here, then we could say that it looks to be the same place. The mountains of the Himalayas are very similar to those of the Andes. there is a triangle of energy within this area in Lake Titicaca and part of the Andes, where the extraterrestrial guides were assisting the development of the original South American cultures until the Golden Age of Tiahuanaco. It is known today as the Solar Civilization. The Guanacota civilization has been the base for many theories. Some theories sustain that the Tiahuanacans began and developed the Golden City of America – the famous Paititi. In the Amazon section of Bolivia we have found archeological ruins which today don’t have any explanation because they are very different. These ancient people had a very advanced technology by which to control the weather for farming and irrigation. There were very, very large pools that were created, located farther away, but they were built in order to feed many people, through the preparation of the land. They were able to feed millions of people, not just thousands. Regarding the Tiahuanaco civilization, there are many speculations over the origin of the famous Paititi. In the last few years, Gene Allen the famous British archeologist …Have you ever listened to this gentleman on the Discovery channel,

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Posted by: muzlaner on May 28, 2011

Luis Fernando comes from Bolivia. He has had contact with extraterrestrials from the planets Venus, and Ganymede, which is one of the moons of Jupiter. And he has also had contact with the Inner Earth Beings the Elders, who are those associated with the Great White Brotherhood. He has been having physical contact experiences since birth. In 1977, when he was 13, he began to speak about these experiences, and he continues to do so to this day.

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