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Sraddhalu Ranade - It Starts with a Glimpse

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global oneness project It Starts with a Glimpse It starts with a glimpse and because a glimpse came with my consciousness turned outwards, I begin to crave for it outside me. Sraddhalu Ranade - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India - Scientist, Educationalist, Scholar And it's an old evolutionary habit going back a few billion years, all the way through our ape ancestors and worm ancestors and single-celled bacteria, to be constantly turned outward to the rest of the universe and to experience ourselves as cut off and separate from the whole. And it's a habit of many billion years that's ingrained in us. So automatically, one tends to look for that outside, and you can't find the unity in the divided pieces or forms, obviously. You can only find it by going back into an essentiality of your own awareness. So it takes a little bit of skill, good fortune, inspiration, or external guidance sometimes a knock of life, to turn us inwards. But the moment we turn inwards, we find that it's far more easily accessible inwards, and once we have it, we find it, and hold it inside, it's present. But as long as we're looking for it outside, we catch glimpses of it and it vanishes by the time you catch it. In the Indian tradition, the image, the symbol given, is of the surface of the waters reflecting the sun, and because the waters are agitated, you get brief flashes of the sunlight, and you say, "Ah, there's the sun," and by the time you have pointed to it, it's gone, and you catch another and it's glimmering, glittering all over, but never gets to the real thing. So the first thing to say is you must still the waters of consciousness. Then the sun is reflected perfectly and fully. And we are taught by society, education, that we must think harder, feel harder, try harder, be more agitated, more excited, and we're doing the very opposite. And so, obviously, we get glimpses and then we never catch it. When we become quiet and still, rest in ourselves, then it's there, it's present, and it can be constant.

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