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Importance of Plants to humans and animals in everyday

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Why do you love plants so much? Well! I love you too. But I help you so much, these plants don't. They too do a lot for me. I have never seen them do anything, they can't even move. We all depend on plants directly as well as indirectly. Of course not, they depend on us for water, manure etc. We depend on plants for a lot more. Like? Okay! What do we need most to live? Umm... Air to breathe. Oxygen to be precise. Yes! Plants give out oxygen in air. Aaa.. sorry I did not get it. I will explain this to you. Go on.. During photosynthesis. Yes! That's the process, which plants use to make food. Very Good! I've learnt it on During photosynthesis carbon dioxide defuses into the leaves through pores and then enters the cell. In the cell it defuses into the chloroplast where it makes oxygen and sugar in presence of light. Also, thus plants gives us the necessary oxygen to breathe and remove the carbon dioxide from air. Okay! That's the point I give to plants what else? What do you eat? Cereals, veggies, fruits. Cereals are our main food. Plants gives us cereals. Examples? Examples of cereals are rice, jowar, bajra, barley, maize. Do popcorn also come from plants? Popcorn comes from corn, when it is heated. Corn comes from the maize plant. This is news to me! Some plants give us pulses like dry beans, pinto beans, kidney beans and navy beans, dry peas, lentils, and others. Pulses give us proteins, necessary for our development. Yes, you are absolutely right. What about veggies? Plants give us vegetables too. We eat the roots of some plants like radish, carrot, turnip. Did you know we eat the stems of some plants? Is that so? Yes! Celery, arvi, and elephant foot yam are the stems we eat. Oo.. Celery is a stem? We also eat leaves of some plants like cabbage, lettuce, and spinach. That's interesting! Yes! And bottle guard, pumpkin, and cucumber are the fruits of plants. We eat them as veggies. Yes! But they are fruits. Also we eat fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, grapes. Yes! These fruits are eaten as fruits. Hmmmm.. And do you know the oil in which mummy cooks food? Don't tell me they too come from plants? Yes! The seeds of plants like sunflower, coconut, mustard, and groundnut are crushed to obtain edible oil. Hmmm.. And did you know the chocolates you love so much also come from plants? Don't say that. Yes, the coco seed are crushed and mixed with sugar and flavours to make chocolate. Okay! And what's even more interesting is that the sugar which makes everything sweet.. that too comes from plant? Yes! Sugar comes from sugar-cane plant. What else? Well tea and coffee that mom and dad have also come from plants. Yesterday when I went to the park mom put some awful smelling oil on my hands, so that mosquitoes don't bite me. Where does that comes from? It comes from the eucalyptus tree. Also most face creams contain aloe vera that comes from aloe vera plant leaves. Wow! That's cool. Also, many plants are used in medicines. Like? Like tulsi leaves are used in cough syrups. Nice. Apart from food and medicines we also use wood to make our homes. Also, furniture? Trunks of trees like sheesham and teak are used to make furniture. And the doors and windows. Look at the tyres of the truck they are so big. You will be surprise to know that the tyres you are staring at also come from plants. No Way! The tyres are made of rubber. Rubber comes from the rubber tree. We are all so much dependent on plants. Yes, the cotton shirt you are wearing also is obtained from a plant. Which plant? Fibres are made out of cotton plants flowers. These fibres are used to make clothes. I will also tell one use of plants. Go on. Flowers are used for decorations in weddings. Yes my favourite orchid. Not only we use trees to build our shelter, animals too use trees for shelter. Like birds make their nest on trees. And some animals live in trees hollows. Animals like deer, giraffe eat trees as their food. Yes, they are called herbivorous. Also they too need oxygen to breathe, and that too comes from plants. So we should be nice to plants and keep them as our friends. Yes my dear!

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Importance of Plants to humans and animals in everyday

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