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Ties to Understanding Our Righteousness in Christ (CC)

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) How is everybody today? Who would like to look in The Purple Bag this morning? Sophia, would you like to look? [Pastor hands Sophia The Purple Bag] [Sophia reaches into The Purple Bag] You wanna hand it this way and you can pull out the rest? Another one, yeah. Any more in there? [Sophia pulls out more ties] I think we're done now. You know what these are? They're ties. Yes. Do you know who these ties belong to? Wanna take a guess? William? Yes, they belong to me. I didn't go into everybody's closets at home and steal their ties to bring this morning. I brought my own and I wear these and they make me feel a certain way when I put them on. Uh like ... this tie ... what do you think this tie makes me feel like when I put it on? Ariel? [Inaudible] That's right. I feel happy 'cause Jesus was born. It's my Christmas tie. What about this one? William? [Inaudible] I wear that one on the 4th of July. That's right; when I'm feeling patriotic. This one I wear every Easter just 'cause it has lots of flowers on it. This one ... reminds me of Hawaii. Thought it was appropriate because it's warm today. And then I bought this one and I thought I really liked it in the store and I came home and I've worn it a couple times and I still don't know if I like it. Do you like it? [Inaudible] You do? Well then maybe Pastor will keep wearing it every once in a while. Seems kinda trendy. Kinda odd. But today we're gonna talk about something that's more important than just Pastor's ties. It's the robe of righteousness. That when we were baptized, God gave us Christ's righteousness. And sometimes we talk about that as a robe, or a piece of clothing that we wear. Because ... it covers over all of our sins. It removes them and takes them away ... so that when God the Father looks at us, He doesn't see our sins; He sees Jesus' holiness. And Jesus' righteousness that is ours by faith. And faith always makes us happy. As Ariel reminded us: At Christmas, we're happy because Jesus came to this earth. He was born as our Savior. On Easter we're reminded that after He died for our sins, He rose to eternal life. And we will have eternal life as well. And that He is our Lord and Savior. So we remind ourselves each and every morning when we get up about our faith. And we think of putting on, as we put on our clothes, we put on Christ's righteousness and His holiness so that we can live as the children of God each and every day. Doing God's will because He has done so much for us. Yes, Sophia. [Inaudible] [Inaudible] If you think of it later, [Inaudible] Your dad has ties, too? Does your dad have lots of ties? He also has the robe of righteousness that Jesus gave him. By faith we all have that robe of righteousness. So as we all remind ourselves, when we get up in the morning and we get dressed: We put on Christ's righteousness and His holiness and we live as God's children. Think you guys can remember that for today? Okay, you guys can go back to your moms and dads, and we'll join together in our Hymn-of-the-Day: Hymn 466.

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Posted by: hischild on Aug 13, 2012

When the children discover various ties in The Purple Bag, Pastor Dave explains the unparalled beauty of our being clothed in Christ's righteousness.

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