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Mi experiencia física sintiéndome como energía 1-2

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My physical experience feeling like energy Hello, I’m Gemma Max. I am contacting you through this video to tell you my experience of feeling myself physically as energy. Physically feeling our energy gives us security, gives us the feeling that it is corporeal, that it is mouldable. It makes us feel accompanied and it happens to us since childhood, although we do not realize it. Because we truly have a physical body for some reason, we love physical sensations, we love the hug, we love the kiss. Physically feeling our energy comforts us in the same way. So I wanted to share my experience feeling the energy so you may understand a bit what has led me today to make this video and you can hear and see how I live, how I feel it. To do this in a brief way I am going to tell you the story of how I started to feel it. Well, when I was 17, I had a friend who believed in the ability of the people to dream, to do things in a different way. Through her I met two of my guides. At that time I didn’t know what was a guide and it took me even many years to know. At that time I did not hear nor see them, I only felt over diffuse skin sensations: heat, cold, pressure. At that time my friend used to tell me what my guides communicated to me and at the moment she was telling me those feelings were more intense. And little by little I developed the ability to hear and see them. Knowing them is not that relevant, I mean, this happens to many other people. What it brought to me was learning to listen to myself, to think and see me in different ways. Gradually I got used to feel and to feel myself as energy. At first, for me, they were strangers. They were nice people, it is true but I did not know them. And little by little, when I got used to see them, to feel them, to live with them they also let me share their feelings, their way of doing things. For me it was like going to a village where everyone knows each other. Although I didn’t know anything of them, I didn’t know their custom, I didn’t know their way of doing things, but I liked going there because it was pleasant, and people was always friendly. And little by little I began to see myself with new eyes and thinking about things in a different way. So, walking one step at a time, I was taking layers out, seeing injuries, and helping myself to heal them. Sometimes I remember that time seemed similar to our childhood, when you're a kid, and it seems so because we all have wound you get hurt and the cut gets infected, and it's time to clean it, and don’t want to, because you think it will hurt more than when you made the cut But then it turns out that you clean it, you disinfect it and maybe it you will have a scar, it is true, but that is already the past and your experience, and it closes cleanly. I remember when I started feeling my guides. I thought they were not real and also the information I had about these issues didn’t help me much because I was filled with fears, "ah! watch this out, watch that out" Nobody told you “relate from your heart, from what you feel, from your heart” Just “Beware " I also believed that, to do this, you had to be born so, or have some special skills. The last thing I would have expected is that everyone can learn. I think everyone can feel its energy, everyone can feel as being he or she is I think there isn’t only one way, but each person has their special beautiful way of being and being in the world, sometimes we are afraid to develop it, aren’t we? Towards ourselves and towards others, but we really have a special way for everyone. What did it give to me and what does the energy make me feel? What made me decide to share it and put it this way in public? I remember when I started to feel energy a little physically, I also felt in other people pieces of that energy. That was something that puzzled me and I did not understand very well. Sometimes I saw things I did not like at all in other people. I used to get angry and these were reflections of myself, you do not want to think for a second that that can also be you, that it may there be something like that inside you. Other times I used to see things I liked in other people that I liked a lot and inspired me to go on, to continue, to improve, to dream, to do things differently. At that point you stop judging yourself to be your permanent judge to treat yourself in a more comprehensive way. You just stop judging others. You try to see them from different points of view. When you're in any situation with any person, you begin to feel and think Why is this person doing this? What's wrong with him? What has brought him here? You become a more sympathetic person. So my heart was calming, it is a bit like a pond where you throw stones and the water becomes murky, when you stop throwing stones in your pond you see your clear reflection in the water, and you realize that it can really be a beautiful reflection. When you see this beautiful reflection inside you, you see it in the others. My health also improved by dint of listening to my body, hearing it, feeling it, I went slowly reconciling with my body and it stopped hurting. I remember that when my body hurted I used to be very angry with it Our body is like our possession, it is positive that it may struggle, it may do everything we ask. When at some point our body does not want to do something we are asking for it, we get angry with it. We do not ask "hey, what's wrong? What is not going well? No, we don’t “hey, that’s enough, please do what I ask" That's how we deal with it many times, no? Then when we're friendly with our body we become partners with our physical companion to experience life here. Gradually we cease to fight with ourselves and with our bodies and we feel good in it. And there is no reproach, there is no longer pain. In this way the process of feeling myself as energy ass no longer something punctual to be a continuum a way of feeling since your mind, since your heart and, since your spirit. When this started to happen, sometimes I looked back to see the development of my life I did not see my experiences from the lack or from the pain, but from what I had made I was allowed to be who I am and get here. I learned to rebuild my life since tenderness, to relate to myself since I am worthy by myself to be respected, to deserve affection. How can this benefit me? Being the self that I am makes me expand my inner strength, it gives me peace, I feel love and tenderness in my heart and I wish to share this happiness and this welfare with others. You rediscover something you already knew in your inner self, but often you do not want to believe it, that you are part of everything and everything is part of you. This does not mean that I have no problems or difficulties Sometimes I am wrong; it takes long to find my peace of spirit, at last I find it, until today at least there is a warm home in my heart, that space for tenderness. And when I feel it in me I also find it in others. How can you do to feel your energy physically? I've developed in this way based on my own learning process and my experience working with others. What do I do in this process that you feel your energy? I communicate with you since my being of energy, I go to your side, I feel what your energy being communicates to me for you and I try to make you feel it physically in your body, your mind and your spirit. Then, If you want, let's take a trip into you.

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La experiencia de Gemma Max sintiendo y desarrollando su energía y el ser que es. Cómo esto ha influido y cambiado su vida. Comparte su vivencia a través de este vídeo en internet.

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