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Sorority Row

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I hope as you girls prepare to go out into the world, the things that you learn hear at Theta Pi will help you to do the right thing. [music and partying] (girl 1) We have a problem (girl 2) What is it? (girl 1) Garret cheated on me. (girl 3) You cheat on one Theta, you cheat on every Theta. (Claire) The boy needs to be taught a lesson. Showtime. (Garret) What's going on babe? Ae you okay? Oh my god. You guys - she convulsing, What did you do? Get the car now! [music: Chris Isaak - "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing"] (Garret) She really died and it's my fault! Hey! Garret! We're going to take care of this, okay? (Megan whispering) What's happening? I can't see. (girl 2) You're dead, dummy. The body - do we dump it right in, or do we chop it in little pieces first? Allright, everybody spread out and find sharp rocks to dismember the body with. [whispering] How long are you going to keep this going? [Man grunts, sound of metal on rocks] (girl) What the hell did you do? (Garret) She wasn't dead? Megan's dead. And we're all responsible. I don't see a way out of it! Maybe there is. We're not going to let this ruin our lives. If we all stick to the same story, no one will ever know. [cheering] As happy as this day is, one of our sisters is still missing. To Megan - we love and miss you. [cell phone rings] Oh my god. It's a prank. It's the only explanation. Hello? Guys - Megan came back from the dead, and now she wants to kill us. [shriek] Megan? She was wearing a hooded gown. Half the greek system is in hooded graduation gowns right now. It's not Megan! [shriek] She's rotting in a mine shaft. We all deserve to die. [screaming, yelling, Theta Pi chant] Don't think I'm afraid of you. I run a house with 50 crazy bitches.... [chanting Theta Pi chant] [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 22, 2010

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