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I am sorry ... Must see

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To the cab driver who I differed with about the price of the journey and passed without taking his fare I'm sorry my friend and I hope you receive my apology while you are there in the Morocco-term Prophet of god (PBUH) was not sufficient of coming out his stomach as an apology of jabbing his friend to reprise of him but said " O god, whatever a believer I've relived, make it purification to him " On the platform, Omar apologizes for deposing Khaled ben Elwalid and before them, Joseph's brothers said " O our father, forgive us for our sins, we were sinful " Apology is a global culture Emperor of Japan .. Nixon .. Clinton .. they apologized to their people while the Arab peoples wake up on the apology " I Understood you " after realizing Drowning and here On the roads "sorry for disturbance" Apologies are beautiful and harsh when you protrude the wound and repeat the mistake with the years, I realized that Apology does not fall the charisma the most beautiful apologies are the ones in forte to apologize to your kid, your wife, your student, your laborer, your people ... to apologize to yourself Courageously, the athletic comes out to apologize to his fellow or the club president to apologize to his crowd but there are some people who are too arrogant to apologize the rain comes and takes weak souls with it and who sit on the chair of responsibility don't have the courage of confession we remember the catastrophe, the setback and other years and the offender disappears and the peoples have to endure the mistakes without a question O lord, I'm sorry for every situation you found me veiling from your Worshipers and overlooking your eyes that don't miss anything I am sorry my father suddenly you leave without telling you Goodbye and throughout my age, I'm still late for the perfection you wanted it to me I am sorry my mother for waiting me behind the door when I come back and Every time I come late for your delight I am sorry .. my kid suddenly you grew and I'm away from you I am sorry for my wife who waited a long time for a beautiful word and slept stressful before it I am sorry for the man who I waved to with my hand as an apology for closing the road over him with my car because I feel that waving with hand is not enough I am sorry for the orator for believing what it was said about him and realized later that sometimes words come naked I am sorry for my teacher who taught me the first letter then I grew without thanking him I am sorry for my student who I didn't accept his apology 20 years ago and got him out of the Hall and sorry for the other who met me enthusiastically and genially and my lineaments were colder than his presence For the policeman when I raised my voice upon him in the Jail For a friend who I couldn't help For a word I said without a view, for a deed I did without focus I am sorry for the young that my voice was below his ambitions and aspirations I am sorry for my late in apology to apologize is better than carrying my heavy mistakes in my heart Sorry for the apology I said that does not carry the "repentance-remorse-determination of the correction and taking the responsibility" triangle Once more, I am sorry for you cab driver

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Posted by: eledressy on Jul 16, 2013

No matter how many people you've bothered .. it matters if you are ashamed of apologizing to whoever you've hurt

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