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Gurdjieff 1 -The unification of man as I am

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff (em) Hello, this is..Griffin and i am Here to Speak about my Experience of After i Died.. (um)..well, the White Light Really Influences me Extensively - because of my Life: Here on Earth and After i Died i've come so Close but Yet, also so Far of Certain Realizations, of my Experiences.. of the Unification of Man as i Am: Close - but not the Certainty of.. the Actual manifestation..of the Expression of the Words, of what the: "i am Unification of i am" Actually Means. i Died before i could Actually Write my Realizations. i had many Realizations i knew much, i Lived much, i understood Much..but i had to Find a way.. for the People to Understand - what it is that i Have Found. so i Designed Multiple Different Ways to, which was Almost like my Own Process, while Here on Earth, in the Realization of what is Required: in Terms of the Unification of Man - as I Am and, i Died before i could Accomplish the manifestation of the Realization.. and Even Write Down of my Realization of what it Means to: Unified Man as I Am (um)..i did Not Finish and i did Not Even have time: to Explain All that i Actually have Found to..Express All that i have Found: as "I Am" Experience (um).. i made Mistakes, i made Certain Judgments and i made Certain Comments: which was my understand at that time. then, near Close to my Death.. i had the Quantum Realization - in one Moment, of "I Am" Expression and it was Shortly After That, i was Removed from this Earth - by the White Light and..or the White Brotherhood (um)..because human beings on Earth, that come any.. that Used to come, before two years ago: that used to come any closer.. to the Realization of the "I Am" - would be Removed Immediately Unfortunately such human beings that manifested: which is usually Referred to as - Anomalies something within the Design of "Equated Program Systems" - that is Not Able to be Foreseen: they'll Balance out of the "Ultimate Equation".. of the Manifestation of Programmed Systems - and i Was One of Them i had in that Moment of the Realization on "I Am": Seen Exactly how to, Practically.. have others Realized: I Am. i Realized in that Moment on Earth..that "I Am" is that I - that Exists as All, Infinitely..but Not as the Picture you see: the World you see it is the I - the One..the I as One..that must be Understood, within All of Men: for the Final Unification, of the manifestation of - "I Am" and so when i Died, i Crossed Over..and..i was Reincarnated Again..but this time.. i was Reincarnated: as a Begger..on the Street, and i have been a Begger on Streets.. for the Remainder of my Experience in Existence - Until up to Two Years Ago because, Any beings That Has ..Realized the "I Am" - Here on Earth is Compromised.. and therefore they'll be.."Placed", where they are Able to be.."Contained", and be Watched Over - to Make Sure that such Realizations: of the "I Am'.. Never Occur Again. that they're in such "Placements" of: No Education and No Money..and No Support of this World. so the "I Am" Realization - is Not Able to Be Realized and Come Through Thank you very much. This is Gurdjieff More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Helena Blavatsky, Issac Asimov, Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 29, 2009

Hello, this is Gurdjieff and I am here to speak about my experience after I died. Well, the White Light really influences me extensively, because of my life here on earth and after I died. I had co...

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