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Saint Patrick's story

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We are going to talk about a certain saint today, children He's a special saint for Ireland And he has his own day when we all celebrate and we have parades Do you know what his name is? SAINT PATRICK! Very good, children Well, who'd like to tell the men from the television all about Saint Patrick? Me! me! ME! me! Me! Come on now children! You can't all tell the story at once Who can tell me about St Patrick as a young boy? ME! me! Me!! me! ME! ME! Mary, let's hear it from you And so they were going to this place called Frace this day and they saw this little boy playing near the... the sea And so they said "Oh, that fella would be a good worker we'll grab a hold of him" And so they grabbed a hold him and they put him on the ship and they sold him to this man named Milchu And this man named Milchu took him and he... and he said I don't know what he gave him but then he said "Go up to them... there... that mountain and mind all them lambs and sheeps and cows and all for me." And so poor Patrick went up and he minded them. And every night, and every day, and every morning he said, oh, 'bout a hundred prayers to God And when he'd be afraid in bed at night He prayed to God and he wouldn't be afraid. And all them prayers turned him into a saint And so he thought he heard a voice saying "Come down, Patrick. Get up, Patrick. There's... there's... a ship waiting down there for you to go back to France." And so they... he went down and he said to the man on the ship the captain He said "Will you let me on?" And the captain said "Where's your money?" And so he said "I've no money" And so he said "Well then you are not getting on" And our Lord said "You're not getting away with this!" "Do you mean this on Poor Patrick?" And so our Lord let a big, big storm off and the boat was rocking and rolling and all and then they... this sailer came up and said "That's all over not letting the little boy on" And so...he said go up after him quick, before we drown and tell him that I changed my mind I let him on. And so he went up after him and he,he said "He changed his mind. You are to come back" And so poor Patrick went back on the thing, the boat, and he went home and so...his mother didn't know who he was until he told her his name and they were delighted And so...he then ...'cause... the... he... they thought he was lost 'coz there was no ... guards, there... there was no papers or anything, no speakers to tell you and 'coz if you were lost over here there would be a wireless to tell you or something and so they didn't ...ehm...Patrick They made this best meal for him and so he was at the meal and he said "I'd love to be a priest" "Will you send me go away to a college?" And so...they...he said... they said "Yes, we'll let you go away" and so... they went away, he went away to the college Even though you are smart it takes you seven years to be a priest and so... he went away to the college And this night he was a priest and then was picked for a bishop And so didn't...ehm... he went... wasn't...he going asleep... this night.... and he thought he heard a kid saying "Come back, Patrick! Come back Patrick! And tell us about God!" And so any other young fella would say "You left me there for six years you did meanness to me, you let me starve and you took me away from my mother I wouldn't go back there for anything." And so poor Patrick didn't say that. and he said I'll, I won't keep it in for them I'll go back to them and I'll save their souls. And this day he asked the Pope could he go and the Pope said "yes" and he could bring a few friends with him And so he brought his best friends with him And when he got there he didn't know where to start So he said "We'll start...I'll start at my old boss... ehm... Milchu." And so he went up to his boss, Milchu, and he said Milchu asked him his name, and he said "My name is Patrick", and so... M...Milchu was delighted to see him coming back again. That was very good, Mary We'll leave it there for now I think the men from the television might want to get a cup of tea Off you go, children You can go off for your break now Fifteen minutes only now, and then I want you all back in here They're really enjoying this, you know. They'll be queueing up again next time you're here

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