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How to Change Hearing Aid Filters

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Posted by: swade on Jul 5, 2019

What are hearing aid wax filters? Why do I need them? And how often do I have to change them? Cindy Barnett, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Southwestern Hearing Centers in St. Charles MO has the answers!

Filters are a small plastic screen that sits in the sound outlet of a hearing aid. The sound outlet is situated in the part of the hearing aid that fits in the ear canal. The purpose of the wax filter is to prevent wax, moisture, or other debris from entering the sound outlet and damaging the speaker.

You will change these filters about once a month. If you are a wax producer, you may need to change them more than once a month.

It pays to protect your hearing aids! Regular cleanings and care are required for them to operate efficiently! Call us if you have any questions! 636-946-8111

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