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2019 Silverado First Look - Knudtsen Chevrolet

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You can see the differences here between the 2018 current generation and the brand new '19 Silverado. Most noticeable is the front end, and that's going to be the new face of Chevrolet carried on for a few more years, I’m sure. It got lower aerodynamics. These aero gills are very similar to what they use in a Camaro, for example, to direct the airflow and make it more efficient, better aerodynamics. There’s active shutters in the grill that will shut down when you don't need all the air flowing through, again, to help improve aerodynamics. They used aluminum on the hood, the roof, and the sides of the bed. But everything that opens—doors—are now composite. Talk about the sculpted side, and that's, again, for aerodynamics. But look at the difference in the mirrors, okay? This is mounted up here. Now, what they've done is move it onto the doorframe and then give you a cutout for better visibility, you know, that peek around the corners, so that's important. They’ve continued with the triple door seals and the laminated glass for eliminating road and wind noise on the highway; it's super, super quiet. They've upgraded the interior, more soft-touch material. The in-screen panel, we’re all familiar, is new and different. We now have active safety features available on the truck for the first time, blind zone alerts, rear cross-traffic alerts, autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control - things that weren't available before but they've morphed over into the new Silverado. Dimensionally, it's two inches longer but it's 400 pounds lighter. Again, use of composites. Interior room has been increased. Head room, shoulder room, leg room— if you can see it—has been improved in the rear seat by three inches. Available on the LTZ and Standard on the High Country are heated rear seats now for the first time. So, that's going to be a nice feature like that warm cup of coffee. Something back here in the bed, first of all— tada! And you could do that from the push button, from a switch on the in-screen panel, or from your remote. Wow! Now, on the LT, you have to manually close it, but it's only about an 80-pound effort. But on the LTZ and the High Country, it will go up as well. It's wider. Even though the truck is only one inch wider, it's seven inches wider in the bed. And, they've done that because if you look at that other truck, the inner weld sticks out about three and a half inches - so it's thinner but stronger. - Much bigger, that is. This is extra heavy-duty steel, stronger than the one we had before where they were dropping the toolboxes on. It's about two-and-a-half times stronger. All kinds of appropriate tie downs and movable hooks, two-tier loading again. Increased width here for work boots and steel-toed shoes makes it easy to get in and out. This – anybody know what that is? It's the – This is the camera. With that night vision? Stay right here. I’ll be right back. Cargo light. Oh, Cool! Makes it easy to hook up a trailer. - It shines right down there. - How cool! And, that works with the LED lights in the bed. Also featured on this vehicle is a trailer guidance. We’re all familiar with the backup camera, but you can push a button and it'll give you a direct center line to better maneuver the receiver to the trailer. So, it's real easy to hook up a trailer with one person. With the advanced tool package, you also get a power outlet, a one-turn power outlet back here, and the ability to monitor the trailer tire pressures. That's awesome!

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