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Restless (2011)

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[scraping sound of chalk on sidewalk] (girl) I met a boy. (mom) Really? (girl) Yeah, I met him at Chris' memorial. (boy) Do I know you? (girl) Does anybody here know you? He's kinda different. (mom) Different can be good. (male voice, hushed) This is the 4th funeral I've seen you at this month, and if I see you around here again I'm calling the cops, and I'm going to... (girl) Marcus? (girl) This is my boyfriend, Marcus. Nice to meet you, Marcus. The pleasure's all yours, I'm sure. (boy) Thanks for bailing me out back there. I met you now. I'm Annibelle. (boy) Did you know that kid from the other funeral? Yeah, I volunteer at the hospital. (boy) Come on, run it! (Annibelle) Do you know all of these kids? No. Hiroshi and I just like to... Who's Hiroshi? (boy) He's a...ghost He's a ghost? Can I meet him? (Hiroshi) Why is she dressed like a boy? He says he thinks you look really nice. No I didn't. Thank you, Hiroshi. (mom) Annibelle tells me you're a funeral crashing dropout, with a ghost friend. (boy) Sounds not sound good when you say it all together like that. ♫ [The Stills - "I'm With You"] Something he and I talk about, you know? It's getting pretty complicated. ♪ The timing's right, and the light is soft ♪ I was lying about working at the hospital. I'm a patient.. Is that okay? Make her better. I don't think you understood... Make her better! I think of things going a certain way, and then they don't. (Hiroshi) So you think you have nothing? You have everything. ♪ I'm with you ♪ How's this gonna go? I don't know. That's the part where you say it's going to go really well. ♪ I'm with you ♪ (girl) There's this kind of songbird, That thinks it dies every time the sun goes down. ♪ If you want me to ♪ In the morning, when it wakes up, totally shocked to still be alive, it sings this really beautiful song. That's how I am every morning since I met you. [Captions by]

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