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History of the Universe 5:The Reptilians found the Portal

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Heaven's Process 5 - Reptilians Found the Portal (Veno) This is Veno again. Ok, so. On the beginning, this girl was only on the.. demon dimension, on the 'first dimensional plane'. Where, the first dimensional plane were you go to when you 'die' in the previous construct, So that you are able to 'refine' your energy. Because you've come from 'earth', you have to shake it all off . and you have to go through your, 'transcendences' and as you clear yourself, and become more 'aware' and heightened in your own expression and vibration, frequency you..'ascend'. So, she has taken to this 'white', to this 'room' where this dimensional being sat and started speaking to her. Saying to her: You died You have to make peace with it. other wise, if you Don't you'll have to go to the demon dimension and, Believe Yourself, to not be dead That your body's still alive, and you'll be Lost! "infinitely" So now make peace with you have died and, she looked at this being and she said: What is your..what is death? then he said: When your body dies, and you are Completely in the dimension So she said: Then I haven't Died, that death doesn't really exist really, because My body is still Alive! there is a demon talking in my body. I am now here stuck with you! and, the being-s, said: Ok. so they brought in about, two or three other beings, and they stuck with her. and she just stood up and she said: Follow me! Let me 'show' You! So she showed these beings, there's my body, there's the demon. In my body, At the moment, Talking to these people. have a look So they went: But that's not your body?! What is wrong? what happened to you? Did another demon get into you? Did you go crazy? She said: 'No! just wait.' What she 'did' is, she went into her body, the demon went out, she went back for a moment, she went out, another demon came in, and she went out again. Couldn't believe their eyes, said: How is that possible! and apparently..Oh! the whole "you're connected to a silver cord bullshit thing" Doesn't exist, please, really. That was just to install 'more fear', of 'death' into humanity. If that god damn cord is cut, you 'will die!' No ~ You know what's an interesting thing? I say death is a 'choice'. (laugh) Sounds bizarre, but seriously. to a certain extent, death is a choice. Anyway..that's probably another topic one day. So! Obviously, because of this realization, the beings went: (astonished)! and 'news' spread fast. There were 'multiple' amount of demons in the demon dimensions, especially children. We just wanted to come through, and, ask for help there is no one else ever wanted to help them. then of course you had some demons 'fucking around' with human beings, 'playing, the exorcism game.' They even sometimes had 'score board' things, in the dimensions, in-t in terms of, who had the most 'exorcisms' done. Who 'fucked' the best. they had these competitions, they'd laugh. at the human beings..especially priests, Who believe themselves to 'exercise a demon', out of a human being, please. So, demons 'hibernated' in these human beings. They loved it! sitting there at the back of a human being just (sniff) Feeding off, human being's energy, fucking with human beings' minds. It was 'the greatest fun' Anyway, so..later on, of course. 'All in the dimensions' knew about this, interdimensional portal, what is the human physical body's referred to. and this 'girl', who's in the dimensions.. Alive! they couldn't believe it. and here she goes, introducing herself, going to 'planets', going to existences meeting, beings she's just all over the place. and everywhere she goes, she goes: Hi! This is me! This is my situation. and this is what I am experiencing Of course, sometimes they don't believe her and then she had to take them to her body and said: That's my body! there's a demon in there at the moment, I'll probably be back later, But now I'm here to have fun..and experience myself, and explore Not really fun. they were trying, to become that fun. So, then Anu found out. NOW, you can 'imagine', 'The Fear that Hit That Man'! Anu..I call him a man male, being. Because here's now, 'a human being' 'Full Access! Full Awareness!' in the dimensions. and she's able to now say to human beings: 'Listen! this is what's going on in heaven!' Of course "he didn't want to know", anyone on earth, have understand what's going on in heaven, because What would happen if they do? they'd fucking know they are enslaved, and 'he is responsible for it' and 'If That were to happen!' his creation would be set free. and that, that whole - 'One thing may happen'. So. First, he believed, perceived, this girl, could be 'the One'. Ok, this is Veno. I'll continue in my next interview. Thanks. Anu's greatest fear, 'came true'. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave, DesteniProdDemons: CC English for Desteni Productions © most of the beings who live here, is about, seven of them who is able to communicate directly to the, 'dimensions'. So..this girl, was a bit, before two and half years ago maybe three years ago, around there, made her first contact. Then! two and half years ago This girl! got into the dimensions, 'completely'! Now! no one knew about it at the beginning. (laugh) because.. she..immediately, went and access, the 'demon' dimension. So, the first, 'week' or so She mainly, went into the demon dimension..communicating with demons. and she went into the first 'level, dimensional plane' You know, there were many Anu was, god damn it, way there at the top of some form of 'heaven institution'. So, they just saw her as the being 'that died'. and, so as she went she, communicated to beings in the dimensions. on the 'first plane level'. Introduced herself! of course. So- There was the first plane level, news spread fast. You know there is, 'a girl' the dimensional existence. Who's still "alive" here on earth! So, curiosity.. Many beings obviously came and looked! you know they didn't want to believe her. Said, they would ask her: How did you die! and she said: I didn't die! I just left my body there is a demon now in my body speaking, to the people on earth. They said: No. They wanted to, at that stage, take her to, some form of.. 'place' where you go, if you've, they..they believe that sometimes if you cross over you become 'delusional'. 'you go crazy' (laugh) and you don't want to accept that you have died. and she was taken to one of those places and she just kept saying, that.. She's not dead! they can go and look! So, I'll continue with that. in ~ next interview. Thanks. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave, DesteniProdDemons: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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