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Grow up! Nah mean! Track: Giga Inferiority superiority, BRING IT ON The greatest archipelago, sleepless Japan Mathematica is goddamn childish It doesn't matter if I get found out I don't have any pride, anyway This pretence of elegance is setting off alarms Always looking down from above is boring Look, more of this mistaken superiority Get a handle on this boredom Mama, I'm absolutely I'm just not satisfied In this lukewarm madness I'll say goodbye to this drama and make-believe that I've been playing at all this time I don't need it anymore I-I-I-I will grow up and understand both the sweet and the sour Th-Th-Th-This is my time of change These aren't just bad words The past, crime, punishment, and everything With my bare hands and with love, I will get through this and live on Yeah, we are provocative, no doubt Don't just worry about the green thing Well, burn up when you recognize that I passed Where's it wrong to bring in the red pen? Confirming when dealing with XXXX, alcohol, women, and money Chill and we're aiight A joke right? A black joke Situations that make me raise my middle finger I'm not equipped with that many fingers, so hands up And what's up, jerk? From the start, Bring it on Your "So-so" attitude? I don't need it Before I die, what I want... is lengthened stature, a blown kiss on the street I was raised Check out what I can accomplish! We-We-We-We will grow up Aim at the counter, these disgusting days Attack it vigilantly You won't win before those who haven't yet read Bugs, loss, gaps, everything Live unarmed! Upset those by living on... I can't surrender to simply worthless things Do you understand my aesthetics? This naively honest fist is my single trump card Shouting this inferiority, "I'm out! Later!" I'm not gonna quit I-I-I-I will grow up and understand both the sweet and the sour A bright future where we cross paths again You understand that I'm not a child anymore, right? Epochs and chances will not wait for me Unarmed, risking it all, but come hell or high, I'll survive The era of love! Well then, everyone, I'm off

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Posted by: worldsenddancehall on Jul 22, 2018


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