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Родственные души / Makes the Whole World Kin (1962).

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MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD KIN Lay still! I say lay still! Hands up! Up with the other one. You might be amphibious and shoot with your left. You can count two, can't you? Hurry up, now! Can't raise the other one. What's the matter with it? Rheumatism... in the shoulder. Inflammatory? Was... The inflammation has gone down. Don't stand there making faces! If you've come to burgle why don't you do it? There's some stuff lying around. Excuse me, it's good for you that rheumatism and me happens to be old pals. I got it in my left arm, too. Most anybody but me would have popped you when you wouldn't hoist that left claw of yours. Tell me please, how long have you had it? Four years... I guess that ain't all. Once you've got it, it's you for a rheumatic life – that's my judgment. Well, ever try rattlesnake oil? Gallons, if all the snakes I've used the oil of was strung out in a row they'd reach eight times as far as Saturn and back. Some use Chiselum's Pills. Fudge! Took 'em five months. No good. I had some relief the year I tried Finkelham's Extract... - Finkelhait's. Yes, Finkelhait's... and when I used Potts's Pain Pulverizer, I felt oneself better. But I think it was the buckeye I carried in my pocket what done the trick. Is yours worse in the morning or at night? Night, just when I'm busiest. Say, take down that arm of yours. Say! Did you ever try..? Forgot... Damn!... Ahem! Blickerstaff's Blood Builder... - Did you? Blickerstaff's... You know, I've never did. It's a pity. Does yours come in paroxysms or is it a steady pain? It jumps... It strikes me when I ain't looking for it. I had to give up second-story work because I got stuck sometimes half-way up. I see! Tell you what - I don't believe the blooming doctors know what is good for it. - Same here. I've spent a thousand dollars without getting any relief. Yours swell any? Of mornings. And when it's going to rain - great Christopher! Me, too... Me, too... I can tell when a streak of humidity the size of a table-cloth starts from Florida and... with the approach of it, I began to feel badly, And if I pass a theatre where there's the moisture starts my left arm an 'East Lynne' matinee going on, jumping like a toothache. It's undiluted - hades! You're dead right. Say, old man, ever try opodeldoc? Slop! Might as well rub on restaurant butter. Sure, It's a salve suitable for little Minnie when the kitty scratches her finger. Sure? Sure. I'll tell you what! We're up against it. You are right. I only find one thing that helps in our life. Fomentations? Saint Ignatius' nut? Well, it's a... Good Booze..! Eh?! Don't take umbrage at me. Say, this job's off - get on your clothes and let's go out and have some. The devil take it! For a week I haven't been able to dress myself without help. I'm afraid Thomas is in bed, and... Climb out, I'll help you get into your duds. You know, it's very unusual... - Here's your shirt. - Of course. I knew a man who said Omberry's Ointment fixed him in two weeks so he could use both hands in tying his four-in-hand. Liked to forgot my money, laid it on the dresser last night. Come on. I ask you. Leave it alone. I've got the price. Ever try the urine of young pig? Young? It's interesting... You know, my uncle...

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Duration: 14 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: None
Director: Леонид Гайдай (Leonid Gaidai)
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Posted by: birubir on Aug 12, 2011

'Makes the Whole World Kin' is the second part from the film 'Strictly Business' which was shooting in 1962 and based on the short stories by O.Henry - 'The Roads We Take', 'Makes the Whole World Kin' and 'The Ransom of Red Chief'. All 3 parts of film have an all-star cast. Though the film is black-and-white, it doesn't spoil the film any. Side-splitting and a real pleasure to watch the actors play.

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