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C8L6: Handling Pace

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One of the big problems with handling pace is just the physiological factor. People see a flat hard ball coming at them and they have this tendency to over react. I am here to tell you right now that you should tell your players to under react especially when they get a hard hit ball coming at them. When you under react and move slowly you measure the shot much better. Djokovic is on the defensive here on return of serve look how his first move he is still starts slowly look at his hands are still there. He moves slowly into it using the power of the shot that just came to him. You can do a lot with your opponents power if you don't try to rip through the ball. It much better to just have a solid contact, where the center of your body is lined up with your racket head and its all very still and very solid out on the hit. Djokovic this whole point is on the defense. The guy is hitting very hard to him but he stays very contained. I realize we are in slow motion but you can see his movements are not abrupt. He croches he is facing the 45 its coming right at him. Here he may have to do something unusual at the hip but he is moving slowly see that now he can finish looking under his arm. Thats why you see all the great players sometimes they are looking over and sometimes they are looking under their arm. To handle pace right now Warren is hitting against Steven who hits a very big ball, to handle pace you really don't want to over react see you want to tuck in. You want to extend out and use the power of the other players hit to generate pace. Like I said the best way to do that is to be solid at contact not moving quickly it not necessary. When that hard ball comes you make sure to tell your students to measure the shot look at this here. He barely does anything just a little block but he has his racket on the 45, its connected to his body and he can make a real play of that shot. Don't let these hard hit balls or these deep flat balls don't let them get you to flinch or your students to flinch you stay very controlled. You stay flinchless throughout all pace.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 24, 2014

Less arm and more body is what it takes to handle pace.

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