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Full Retard: Language, Disability, and Feature Film

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Simple Jack, yeah. You went all out on that one, huh? You did. Really swung for the fences, huh? Thank you. Thanks. Yeah, it was an intense experience, you know. I just did the work. Watched a lot of retarded people. Spent time with them. Observed them. Watched all the retarded stuff they did. Then again, I always found mere observation in and of itself is a tad rudimentary. Sometimes, we gotta dig deeper to mine the true emotional pay dirt. Thus, we can diagram the source of the pain and then live it, you know. Yeah, yeah, live it. Yeah, exactly. You know, there were times when I was doing Jack that I actually felt retarded, - like really retarded. Oh, yeah. Damn. I had to sort of just free myself up to believe that it was okay to be stupid or dumb. To be a moron. Yeah. To be moronical. Exactly, to be a moron. – An imbecile. – Yeah. Like the dumbest motherfucker that ever lived. When I was playing the character. When you was the character. Yeah, as Jack, definitely. Jack, stupid ass Jack. By the end of the whole thing, I was like, "Wait a minute, I flushed so much out, how am I gonna jumpstart it up again?" It's just like... Yeah. You was farting in bathtubs and laughing your ass off. Yeah. It was quite a… it was crazy. It's like working with mercury. It's high science, man. It's an art form. You an artist. That's what we do, right? Yeah. Yeah. Hats off for going there, especially knowing how the Academy is about that shit. About what? You're seriously don't know? Everybody knows you never go full retard. What do you mean? Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, Rain Man, looked retarded, act retarded, not retarded. Count toothpicks, cheat at cards. Autistic, sure. Not retarded. Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump. Slow, yes, retarded, maybe, braces on his legs. But he charmed the pants off Nixon, and he won a Ping-Pong competition. That ain't retarded. Peter Sellers, Being There. Infantile yes, retarded no. You went full retard, man.Never go full retard. You don't buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, I Am Sam. Remember? Went full retard? Went home empty-handed. Gimme a break with this... Ray, stop it. J7 K7, what's that? J7 What's J7? What's J7, the song? The song is J7? Yeah. Look out there Raymond. No, no Raymond, out here. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses. What's the number? D5 Cheating Heart. Hank Williams. That's Cheating Heart, cause that's Hank Williams Jr. D1, D1 Blue Moon in Kentucky, Bill Monroe. and the Bluegrass Boys, G5. How many toothpicks came out of that box Raymond? 246. Yeah. 246. Are you paying attention? Yeah. You watching that? Yeah. You seeing that Ray, catching that? They're falling on the ground. Okay, now what, what do I have left? Two Jacks, one eight, one king, one six, two aces, one ten, one nine, and one... five. One five, you are beautiful man. Hey stupid? Quit it! Run Forrest, run! Hey, did you hear me stupid? Run Forrest! Hey get in the truck. Let's move it. Come on, he's getting away, move it. Run Forrest, run! Yeah, you better be running. ♫ (music playing) Run Forrest! Now it used to be I ran to get where I was goin'. I never thought it would take me anywhere. ♫ (music playing) Hollering. Who in the hell is that? That there's Forrest Gump. Just a local idiot. And can you believe it? I got to go to college too. (Crowd Cheering) Run!, Run! Run, you stupid son of a bitch! Run! But I think he's brilliant. (On TV) That is very interesting indeed Mr. Gardener, but what about the bad seasons? Doesn't a country need a person in charge who can see it through these periods of crisis. A leader capable of guiding us through the bad seasons as well as the good? That bastard. (On TV) Oh yes we need a very good gardener. An I do agree with the president. The garden needs a lot of care. It is a good garden. It's trees are healthy. (switches channel) (Man chanting, screaming) I realize this might be an extremely difficult question for you to answer Mr. Gardener, but do you feel that we have, in your words, a very good gardener in office at this time? Oh, geez... Oh yes, yes, some plants do well in the sun and others grow better in the shade. Sounds as if we need a lot of gardening? We certainly do. (Laughter) It's for sure a white man's world in America. I raised that boy since he was the size of a piss ant. And I'll say right now he never learned to read and write. No sir! Had no brains at all. Stuffed with rice pudding between the ears. Short changed by the Lord and dumb as a jackass. Look at him now. Yes sir, all you gotta be is white in America to get whatever you want. Gobblety gook. Doesn't she look smart? That baby sure looks so darn smart. It's amazing how smart she is. Very smart. She really does. I think she's really beautiful. Of course she looks smart. She's already reading the paper. (laughing) ♫ music playing ♫ Double macchiato, low fat, low foam, you make a wonderful choice. Oh my God! Oh my God! An ice cube went down there. Thank you. Thank you. Can I get another drink please? Yeah. Iced cappuccino. That's a wonderful choice. Thank you. Annie, I can't take her to work anymore because she's too big now. That was her first word. See. People worry you're not smart... You smell so good. You can tell a lot about people by the way they smell. Daddy, why does the snow flake? Because snow flakes. Daddy, what is mustard made of? It's yellow ketchup. Daddy, why are men bald? Sometimes they're bald because their head is shiny and they don't have hair on it, so their head is just more of their face. Daddy are lady bugs only girls or are there boys too? And if there are, what are they called? Yeah, the Beatles. Daddy, where does the sky end? Why does the moon follow me home? Why is the sun orange? Where does the hour go in daylight savings? Daddy, do I look more like you or mommy? Daddy, do you think she'll ever come back? Paul McCartney lost his mother when he was little and John Lennon lost his mother when he was little. And he says that sometimes God picks special people. That's what Annie says. Daddy, did God mean for you to be like this or was it an accident? Okay, well what do you mean? I mean you're different. But what do you mean? You're not like other daddies. Ban the movie, ban the word. Ban the movie, ban the word. I just have to ask, there's a protest going on outside these hedges. Yeah. Does that put a damper on a night like this for you and do you think it's fair? No, they're doing their thing and I think it's important to speak your mind. I don't think any of them have seen the film however, because once you see it, you just see that it's good comedy. I don't think anyone's going to be offended once they see the movie. I think it's interesting because it's actually making fun of... if anyone should be offended, it should be actors. I know, I should be offended. I should be picketing myself. You should be picketing your own movie. I'm very proud of the movie and I look forward to everyone seeing it. You hate to see people upset, but I feel the movie speaks for itself. For people who've actually seen the movie. The film is really clear in its point of view. Where the humor is coming from. and who it is at the expense of, which is the actors. And, um I feel confident that in the context of the movie, that's really clear. Jack actually said earlier, if anyone should be protesting, it should be you guys, because you're making fun of yourselves. Well that's Jack so... (laughing) Ban the movie, ban the word. Ban the movie, ban the word. Uhh, I don't want to really say anything. I'm just glad that film makers can express themselves and exercise their First Amendment rights and so can anyone who sees it. That's kind of a big deal and that's what the country was grown on, you know. I don't know. Ban the movie, ban the word. Ban the movie, ban the word.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 34 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Minarik
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Posted by: dminarik on Mar 14, 2010

Video used to spark discussion about how Hollywood portrays intellectual disability and the use of the word "retard" in film.

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