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Let's Change the Coffee Industry!

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Carrotmob VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY Ah welcome! Please, have a seat. So, you're here because you want to join Carrotmob. And I suppose you think you have what it takes. Well... you look like a relatively powerless person. Let me ask you this! Do you have any interest in gaining influence over large businesses? Oh, you do? Well, let me ask you this... Do you ever... buy things? Aaah ah! Welcome aboard. BRIEFING Here is how Carrotmob works. So, first: Organizers make an agreement with a business. Second, Carrotmobbers spend money to support the business. And third, the business makes an improvement. So basically, we all agree we'll come spend money to support you and, in exchange, you take an action we care about, something that makes the world better. This is basically the opposite of a boycott. We use the carrot instead of the stick. And it works! But, when I say it works I mean that this works with small businesses. We've done this hundreds of times, around the world, with little liquor stores, little restaurants, with ice cream parlors... But you're here because you want to see the same idea applied to some of the largest businesses in the world. What if we got together and we spend millions of dollars all at the same time to reward a business? We can get them to start changing policies. We can get them to change their factories. We can change everything about the way the business is done! EVERY-THIIIIIING!!! Everything! Ahahahaha! YOUR MISSION Today, most of the existence have never heard of this. Our first task is to get their attention. We need to show the business world how much money we are capable of spending IF they do something to earn it. So, this is the first large scale Carrotmob campaign in History. And if it works, there will be more. Roll the tape! 3... 2... 1... ♫ Carrotmob has reached an agreement with a business in Fort Bragg, California, called Thanksgiving Coffee. We're an artisan roaster with 40 years of experience working with farmers sourcing some of the finest coffees in the world. We're deeply committed to the producers and communities behind our ground coffees and to creating solutions to some of the challenges facing the coffee industry. They've been on the front line of sustainability and social responsibility for years. They're already constantly looking for ways to innovate in their operations. So we reached out to them because we knew they would be opened to doing something a bit... crazy. We travelled the world searching for great coffee and the farmers to grow it. We build direct trading relationship that last years and invest heavily in sustainable farming practices and quality improvement. We care deeply about farmers and the planet and we create business models that support both. And unfortunately, one of the big contradiction in coffee, no matter how clean it is, from origin to roaster, is the fact that coffee is transported in giant container ships that burn the dirtiest bunker fuel on earth. We've always dreamed that we could sail coffee by wind to our little harbor here in Fort Bragg, California. ♪♫♫♪♫ I think wind sailing is a great idea. I really do. I just really wonder how practical it is. Does it make good business sense? Is it economically viable? I'm not sure... Let's say that Carrotmob rewards you for taking this action by spending a lot of money. Does that affect your decision? That totally shifts the perspective. Then, there is someone else who is willing to put skin in the game. And there are people out there that care. As much as we care. And so it feels great to share in that, be partners with doing something like that. But what, you know... how much can Carrotmob do? You got it! I told you that we thought we could spend a lot and I have no idea if it's true! But it's ok. I got them to agree to a deal. Alright, Carrotmob. Here is the deal. Thanksgiving Coffee is ready to be the first coffee company in modern times to sail coffee by wind. We got the resources here. We got the desk. We're gonna hire someone. All we need is for you to hit the spending goal. We're down here in the Noyo harbor. This is just a few hundreds feet from Thanksgiving Coffee's roastery. Our dream is to sail coffee from all over the world right here, to our roastery. This is a chance to transform the coffee industry. Right now we're facing challenges from peak oil from climate change. And this is a transformation we need to clean up our carbon footprint. Clean up the way that we work with farmers around the world, the way we transport our coffee. We're ready to do it. The question is how many people are going to step up and vote with their dollars to create the kind of change that we all want?

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Posted by: justadust on Sep 12, 2012

A video where we see Brent Schulkin (founder of CarrotMob) and other persons explaining us why participate to the first ever global-scale CarrotMob campaign (

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