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La Leyenda De La Pulsera Maldita

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Legend of the Cursed Bracelet Hello it's Linda and Belinda! Open up please! Hiii! Come over here with us Yes yes! Summer just started and a group of friends are sleeping over at Nicole's new house Friends! Hello!!! Do you want to play? Yes! Let's go! Maille watched her friends play ball while something caught her attention The girls go on with the day and they ask Nicole how she likes her new house Do you like your new house? It's ok Did you find something interesting? No but my house is very strange They even have there own session of karaoke *singing along to Duele el Corazon* As the night approaches, the girls move the party inside Everybody then falls asleep Nicole, Linda, and Belinda wake up to try to find Maille What Look at what Maille left Where is she? Maybe she went to the restroom Where is Maille? They tried to call Maille's phone I'll try to call Maille Me too The girls separated in hopes to find Maille Linda found Maille's phone and found a weird text message Your next The girls continued looking until they entered the room... Linda did you find Maille? Are they messing with us or what Linda... and Maille How pretty! Nicole and Belinda split up to try to find them Linda? Maille? Where are you guys? Nicole didn't know that Belinda had disappeared and continued to try to find the rest of them Belinda! Did you find Maille and Linda? Belinda? What? Belinda? Nicole knew that something was wrong and tried to call the police Hello? Police? There is something very strange here Hello? Hello? Legend of the Cursed Bracelet Look... If you dare

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Posted by: hellotheere on Feb 9, 2017

Belinda, Linda, Maille, Nicole

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