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Why do Dreams Occur and are they Related to Karma? Sadhguru

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why do dreams occur and is dreams related to karma and is there a way i can avoid it why you're not having good ones so we're talking about nightmares not dreams I will not go into the whole gamut of what dreams are actually there are four types of dreams one can have four different types of dreams ninety percent of the dreams that people have are simply unfulfilled desires just unfulfilled desires trying to find expression when you're in sleep if people don't dream lot of them would be much more frustrated then they are right now because dreams sort of satisfy the desiring process many things that they cannot do in their life they will do in their dreams yes so that's why the dream makers the dream machines have become so popular, the cinema and television has become so popular because now you can just sit there popping the corn without without doing anything you can fall in love with somebody, you can fight you can bash the whole martians who'll come from somewhere, you know you can do everything still popping the corn it gives you you don't have to do anything with your life so the dream machines are so popular because dream satisfies without living you can live that's the significance of dream without any risk you can fall in love without any risk you can fall out if you do it in your life all these things will cost it'll cost life you know but in the cinema, three hours you can fall in love and fall out you can fight, have battles and works, and come out without a scratch on your body it's you know it gives you a free experience of life, but its not life there's a very big difference so dreams are also just like that projection is just happening in your own mind but it is the same thing. ninety percent of the dreams belong to this but there are other kinds of dreams which could be giving you access to other aspects of life which are rare, if I talk about it you may start imagining everything about every little dream that you have, which is dangerous so I would generally say, discount the dreams as just empty nonsense that's happening if some dream is of a certain significance anyway it will manifest in a much more powerful way than just being a dream that you saw and you forgot it'll anyway find much bigger manifestation instead of trying to read meanings into dreams because once you enter that space your imagination you can't control, it'll just fly off everything every corner you will start seeing spirits and this and that and works you know anybody you see and you little attracted, you think Oh I know them from their past life and you know this is happening to all the new age people everyday on the street they are meeting their past life connections and all this because you have no brakes on your imagination, once you set it forth it will just run it'll simply run so it's best to be skeptical and say, OK all this is just nonsense if something is beyond the nonsense it will anyway pursue you it won't leave you so how to stop them why? make them nice can't you produce good movies free cinema why don't you enjoy it but if you want to stop it don't try to stop it, if you become meditative dreams will disappear if you bring a certain level of awareness into your life dream will completely disappear psychologists don't believe this they don't believe that one can live without a dream I think Freud went to the extent of saying you can live without sleep but you can't live without a dream, dream is so important, all the time it's on you know, REM you know whats REM?...yeah so in sleep this is all the time going on because this Freuds and Jungs and other people they never get to study a yogi or a Buddha they only study sick people, yes? they study sick people and make conclusions about the whole humanity and these conclusions are you know, there is a certain usefulness to it at the same time, they are phenomenally wrong, they are phenomenally wrong, they are just taking away the other possibility of what a human being can be, saying that this is what a human being can be, nothing more nothing less this happened to Freud one man came and his problem is he believes that he's dead so Freud being father of psychoanalysis he set up a treatment for him every day he will stand in front of the mirror and go on saying dead men don't bleed, dead men don't bleed, dead men don't bleed, dead men don't bleed, this is the mantra, everyday minimum three hours stand in front of the mirror and go on telling yourself, dead men do not bleed so he did this for a few months and when Freud felt the situation was right, he took a pin and pricked that man's finger blood came what does it say now he looked at it with joy and said dead men do bleed, and Freud himself was so terrified of death do you know this he was so terrified of death it was his dream to see the Egyptian Pyramids, Freud desperately wanted to see Egyptian Pyramids but he was so terrified of death all his life he could never muster enough courage to go there and this man makes the ultimate statement about humanity..OK there is value to his study I'm not trying to dismiss everything but they should not make ultimate statements about humanity, that's only one face of humanity insanity is just once face of humanity compulsiveness is just one face of humanity that's not everything there is a way of raising beyond all those things if only Freud has a subject who know suppose he found a yogi and studied him then all his conclusions would have been very very different. you know, today also these things are going on, I never we never usually subject ourselves to these things, but this happened a few years ago out of some obligation, I said okay they wanted to wire me and study what's happening with me is it? do you do that so they wanted to study my gamma whatever whats that? gamma waves or rays, what is it? waves so they put up I don't know, a dozen electrical connections and they said you meditate, I said OK then they shook me like this and I said OK what does your machine say they said by all parameters you're dead so I have been diagnosed dead by the doctors you better watch out either dead or brain dead whichever way so if you can be like this you're fully alive but you're dead you're wide awake but you're fast asleep if you can be like this then all this nonsense that they are talking is not relevant to you and every human being can be like this it is not far away it's not happened because people have not looked in that direction at all, that's all it is not difficult it's not far away it need not take a lifetime it is just that people have never looked in that direction They're all looking in a different direction that's the only problem

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about dreams and if they're related to karma. Sadhguru explains that 90% of the dreams one has are simply unfulfilled desires. (NO1)

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