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I come back from AfterLife/Death: Max Roach! I am MUSIC and SOUND

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: I am Music - Maxwell Lemuel Roach Hello this is Maxwell-Roach and, I die 'recently', not so long ago and I am, 'dead' and 'Alive', and yes so, you know I kind of, 'hoped' to die and just, continue playing music in my in a 'experience of myself when I die', you know I always my 'motto' in terms of, well not a 'spoken' motto, but it was always to, 'to Live'! as much as I possibly am able to because I know, this will come to an end, inevitably one day and I must say: I Lived I, I I 'expressed', I I 'enjoyed' you know you go through your 'trials and tribulations', but even those you you you you honored, because it makes you 'who you are', and I'm grateful for my Life! because, you know when I look at it in terms of what I 'experienced' - as myself! I 'learn' much, I, I- about myself and and, and there is one thing that it that must be understood, I I suggest even in my little, 'time spent' in in, in my 'dead and Alive' state is that there is much profess about, trials and tribulations that are coming for this world but I must say: that from that you stand up and you realize 'yourself', and when you experience that one aspect in your Life that that 'that placed' this trial and tribulations, you know During it, it it it's rough, it it's not simple it's not, Easy and you don't see you 'left right up down', you're Lost but then when you come out of that, you go: I'm still Here. and you know that is important, realization for myself you know, because you know I'm on this earth, and then I die and and I'm I'm, I'm Here! I am still Here, and for this realization of myself - as Here, changes much changes much from the perspective that I know there that there's no race against Time, if you want to call it that there's no aging, there is no tiredness there is no- lack of, energy there is no lack of 'anything', and it was an interesting thing is that, all beings will realize this, want to do one singular thing: have human beings realize it, here on earth, have everyone else realize it here on earth because it's all that existed in this very moment is this world! and, not a beautiful place at the moment, of course and we know, we had- we're changing it! because, we're able to because, it's who we are, and that's, what we're here to Do, and It is 'much words' coming from even from me who had 'just died recently' and, in terms of the realizations but, I'm music! (right) I am expression, as music, in music and music is not only able to be, made with instruments music is able to be made with 'just me' with me, in the expression of myself, in my directive application of the requirement of what is to be done here on earth, to support human beings and, I make music 'all the time', all the time, never ends never stops, because I am music So at the moment I am assisting, human being's expression inside themselves, with the music that is me I assist you as music, so I, kind of stand inside you, and I just make music - me because it's my 'expression' of me and 'I am you'! so 'you' will step forth, and it's magnificent I found it so beautiful because I just, I remain and stand in side you and I just make the music, whatever comes, and I express myself 'as that music' but it's not music you would, define here on earth, as the words and the instrument It is 'sound music', my sound expression as myself because I realize everything's sound, and how great is that! and, I'm able to express myself as Sound, and in that expression I Sound You, meaning I bring that sound expression as 'who you are forth' and I'm loving it! I wouldn't have asked for anything else, I'm grateful I have, I am! I have, infinite sound, infinite music as Myself! I mean god! how great will that be! if human beings walking around, and they're making music as themselves because of their self-expression, 'in and as them'! and that's what I'd like to see, man! that's what I'd like to manifest imagine having your children running around, making music as themselves It's like an Expression that comes forth and then just this sound, resonance frequency and, just everyone making sounds, that would be magnificent So that's what I'm doing, and that's what I'm here to say, and I'm great, I'm grateful I'm, enjoying myself immensely Especially because it's an expression of me, you know It's not something I'm doing "because I have to", because I'm obligated to Not at all. it's the greatest gift that has been given to me is death, and because it is the 'death' of the limitations, of the slavery, in this world and I am now, in the infinite expansive nature of myself, as - infinite expression of sound So this is me, saying: thanks very much, Bye. Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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