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Excuse me, where is the tourist office? The tourist office? Yes, turn left. Ok, thank you. Thank you. Bye. Oh look, there it is! Ok, let's go for a map. Emm, where can we go now? I don't know. Let's see. - I like this city! - Yeah, me too! Yeah but, what's that building over there? Emm... wait a moment. I think it's the City Hall. Yeah! Ok, let's go there and then we'll see. What do you have to say about this place? It's a beautiful place. Really? Why? It's crowded! Wow the City Hall is amazing! Yeah, it's enormous! Let's take a picture! Come on! - Come, Laura! - Ok! Laura, where do you think we can go now? From here I think we can see the post office. Yeah! Yeah, it's over there. Oh it's a fascinating building. Let's take a picture with it! Ok! How are you feeling? I'm so tired! Oh yeah. I'm exhausted. This weather is too hot for me. I think we could go to a shopping center, don't you think? Yes, I'd like to buy some souvenirs for my family. Come on, let's go! Ok! Look here it is! Let's go! Ok, let's try on some clothes. Yes! Do you like my new shirt? Yeah it's so cool. I want it too. Where could we go now? Near here is la plaza de toros. I'd like to see it. It's an important building which shows a part of Spanish culture. Yeah, come on, let's go! I like it. It's a beautiful place. Yes, I like it! Olé olé olé toro olé! Let's take a picture, girl! Ok, talking about culture, we could visit a museum, shall we? No, that's boring! It could be interesting. Ok, if you want to, I'm in. Ok, let's go! I liked it a lot, it was huge. Well, I guess it wasn't that bad. Today we could go to the central market. Yes, I heard it's a nice building. Ok, let's go for it! Oh, I like that building. Let's take a picture! Ok. Come on! I'd like to see the cathedral, why don't we go for it? We are getting there. Yeah, it's closer. Wow! It's enormous. Yes! Can we take photos in there? I think we can't. Oh... it's a pity. But I like it. Is there any chance of going up the miguelete? Yeah, I think so, but it's too expensive. I need to take a break. Why don't we go to a café? Ok, I'm thirsty, Laura, we can go. Yeah, me too. This warm weather is not good for me. Ok, let's go. Oh, I really needed that coke. Oh, look at that. Do you like that fountain? Yeah, I like it. I find it's quite a nice monument. No, well I think it's... tiny. Don't you think? I think it has the perfect size. Well, now we could go to relax to the river. - Oh yes! - Let's go to the river! - Let's go! The river was nice but it had no water. It was strange. Yeah, it was, but I liked the bridges. They were cool. Yeah, but now I think we could go to the hotel and relax, and tomorrow we'll see. Yeah, let's go to the hotel. Yeah, ok. Today I think in our last day here we could go to the beach, don't you agree? Yeah. Yes, but... I don't know how to get there. Check it on the map. Ok. Emm, I think there's a metro station over there. Ok, let's go! I like this way of transport. Yeah, it's quite quick. I really want to get to the beach. This port is huge! Yeah, but I like more the beach. Let's go sightseeing. Ok. Come on, sit down! Yeah, let's sit down. The view is great! Oh I think these holidays are being wonderful! And we’ve been to so many beautiful places And we’ve taken so many pictures! Goodbye! Byeeee!

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Country: Spain
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Posted by: an92 on May 18, 2011

3 English speaking students on their trip to Valencia.

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