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I come back AfterLife/Death: Jacin, Missing Child killed by Uncle

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from Afterlife/death - Jacin 1, of 2 Hi, my name, is Jacin. and I'm here to, share my experience of family abused, and how I died in this world, to and I was - only eleven months old. When I was eleven months old, My, mother and father, had left me in the care of, my mother's brother. one evening. Well for, the Weekend. Because they were leaving, to go away for the weekend, and they couldn't accommodate me as well, with them. Actually I, suppose my mother and father 'were quite relieved'. To let me go for, a weekend. as it is a very tough process, for parents to, take care of a 'eleven month old baby'. My, uncle which is my mother's, brother lived, and stayed, on a farm, farm like area. It was a wooden home, and there was a ground road and, there was a field, just across from the home. So the, one evening, my parents dropped me off at, my mother's, brother's home. and, she put me into his arms, and I remember it feeling, very, 'hard', and, tight! cold. and I started crying immediately because, I could, feel that, it wasn't a presence of, comfort, and safety and, protection because an eleven month old baby, is not able to protect themselves against 'anything', or are anyone. We are literally, entirely at the mercy, and in the hands of, those who had taken responsibility, to take care of us in this world. And I cried and, my mother turned around, and, walked into the car and drove off. My uncle took me in, and there was already a little crib ready, and, they put me inside, and there were, six seven other people there as well, other men. and they were playing, 'poker games'. there was alcohol, and they were drinking, and the music was playing and, and, I calm down the moment I was, placed inside my crib. Because it was soft and, I again felt safe protected, comforted. and, my uncle Returned to the table with his friends, where they were all drinking and playing 'poker games'. and then he took out, a white powder. obviously cocaine, and, they started 'sniffing', cocaine. on the table. All of them, spreading it around. Sniffing it up into their noses, which, is the most absurd action 'imaginable' because from my perspective if, cocaine was supposed to be, within and as your human physical body it would have been there already! (smile) and, as they were taking the cocaine, I could feel, the whole room becoming, dark, and and heavy, and, and All of the men started 'moving' like this (hands), like transforming as they were sniffing the cocaine, and drinking the alcohol and playing 'poker games' and they became louder and louder and louder. and then it was, like a moment, all of them started 'meshing together into one', being. This awful looking monstrous, manifestation, and I became, "afraid" because that's my eyes were seeing and I just started "crying", hysterically. Like, 'really loud hard', completely out of control. And my uncle stood up, after awhile because I just cried and I cried and I cried, and he got up, and I remember (itch) him doing that, sniffing, and he was, stumbling quite a bit to me. and, when I was looking up in his face, his face was completely distorted, and, it was completely, meshed up, and his teeth were 'big'! and huge and his eyes were 'moving', and his whole body just, became like this 'huge big monstrous creature'. It was horrible. and, he took me, and he picked me up, like this at arm's length. and he picked me up, and he walked me outside, and he just dropped me. (smirk) He just 'dropped me'. and, it was so painful because, I could feel my body going into all sort of different directions. Firstly my, top legs broken because he dropped straight down, My my knee's broke, cracked, and then he took me, by my feet, and he dropped me again. and, I just cried, and I just cried, and I, I I went completely, insane with crying because it was so painful, and because he, and all the other, guys were Completely, gone. Missing nowhere to be found, within themselves as the drugs. had completely taken over, them 'entirely'. They wanted to try and make me stop crying so what they did was to, 'throw me on the ground', over and over and over again, until I stopped. and I did eventually. They first take me by my, ankles 'throw me on my head', take me by my arms, (hands down) throw me down like that, but from high. Just dropped me. and just dropped me and then, continue, for quite awhile. Until I, fell, on my neck strangely where my whole neck, and my back bent like that (V) and, then I was in the Interdimensional existence, and I realized that I was dead, and what had happened to me, and (sigh) and it was the most painful experience in this world 'imaginable'. For me, an eleven month old baby. Being literally tortured and abused, by being throwing onto the ground repeatedly, by men who were (sigh), suppose to take care of me. Completely gone on drugs, not knowing or understanding what they were doing. And I'll continue in my next interview. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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