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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~13:16:15 - 13:31:16

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-I don't have enough. -No, Edith, please! -Please! -In there! -I wasn't the last one, it was Lindiwe. -Take away the dishes. -No way! -Just give her the beans. -And me? Where's mine? -In the house. -Where's the nsima? -I kept it in the kitchen. -Have some beans. -Whose are these? They're for Chiso. Not for Sipini? -Memory! Where is it? -It's finished! -Where's the nsima? -Next to the other food. Dish the vegetables, as well. -Did you dish some cabbage? -I thought you were dishing it? -Dish the vegetables. -You should sell them. -Just sell them since Chikondi doesn't want to make a deal with Gladys. Just share the money. -It's not much. -This is for Gift's mom? -Where is she? -Beans? -Yes, just take a little bit. So you're giving me leftovers? -Ok. -So where are you going to keep your beans? -Lindiwe, give them beans. -The ones from Edith. -I don't want to. -Fool! Don't bother then. -Edith, just give it to her... -She said no! -Leave it there, I'll grab it. Silaju, go ride. Memory, let's go to Simeon's house. And do what? To do our agriculture homework. -Let me grab my Chichewa book. -Ok, go ahead. -It's a great idea doing our homework down there. -I'll clean later! Instead of getting some jingo strings. We'll pass by there. Here are the vegetables. I mixed them with the beans. Then I asked what about vegetables? So I told them that I left them in the kitchen covered up. [Reading] They're playing... I don't know... Playing games... Where are you heading to do your homework? We'll do it down there. -You're getting popular. -What did they say? He's walking fast. He ran away. Edith, why aren't you carrying a conversation with them? -What do you mean he ran? -You should walk with Memory, not by yourself like that. -Yeah, so what? Eat, eat, eat, eat... We're eating. -This place looks so run down! -Yeah, especially here. Hey you! Turn this way. -We need help with homework. -What kind? -Agriculture homework. -Agriculture? Which one? The one that talks about the importance of agriculture. -How's your day, Edith? -Good, and you? -What do you want to work on? -Agriculture homework. -Did you bring the book? -Yep. Let me have a look. Edith, that time people were just following you. So which homework are you going to do? We're suppose to be writing on the importance of vegetables. Are you supposed to be using the agriculture book? We don't need a book, we just need to write about crop rotation and how it works. -Simeon has the book? -I think he does... Hey Edith, why don't you get the agriculture book. Hey Memory, go get the Chichewa book. Do you have it? -I don't have it. -Did Jacqueline give you the book? -She took it. What's this for? This is Memory's Chichewa book. Memory, please go and get the agriculture book for Edith. -Aren't we supposed to use the notebook? -Yeah, from that book. -Then go get it. -It has the the importance, it's in there! Don't you have the exercise book that has this stuff? -Yes, but it's from last year. -Last year's? Suzana took it. Aren't there any of Suzana's books in her box? -I don't know, let me check. -Please. -All of these? -No. Some of these are just notes. -Here? -So after... -Yes, I don't know when we're writing notes for this stuff. So what are you going to write, what's the heading? This one. Importance of these. So is this difficult? I see, you're just starting this class. Simeon's finding this stuff challenging. So are these all the notes you have or do you have some more in another notebook? I have some. It's been a while since we started school. -Look I'll peel it. -Is that a 't'? Yeah! That's how she writes them. -So can the teacher tell that this is a 't' ? -Yes! -'T' doesn't face that way. -So your teacher is OK with it? -Someone copied these notes for me. -Who? -Dora, from up there. Why does she use this red pen to take notes? To make them look beautiful? I guess. -Is this really your notebook? -Yes! 80 pages. Oh my God! It'll take forever. So you call these books? Wow, these are new books! -I'm not doing today's stuff. -Hey Simeon, bring it! Chichewa. I want to read as far as Laika, but I forgot to bookmark it. -Did you buy it? -Yes. -How much? -She bought a lot. -25 kwacha. -At Songani? -Yes! -25 kwacha each? -You dropped it. -No I didn't. -Yes you did. -No, no I didn't. -Can't find it. -Are you unraveling it? Maybe she took it, I can't find it. -So what are you going to do? -I'll just go ahead and write anyway... -You have a book yourself? -It's at home. -Send Memory to go get it. Memory, can you get it? -Go yourself. I don't feel like going back. Memory, just go and get it. -Memory! -She'll fetch it herself, just do that. Edith, just go get it. Give me back my book... the cover too. -Let's just write. -The teacher will notice it's from the book. -No way! -They will. -How will they know? -They'll know. -Don't you have the notes? -I can't find them. So, no one's learned about this yet, right? Yes, they just introduced it today. Where's Suzana's box? -I looked for it, it's not there. -Bring it, let me check. I'm only finding the grade 5 agriculture book, I think she took the other one. -Why was she taking them? -They're good study guides for exams. I think you're right, they important for exams. How about this one? They taught you this right? So you're supposed to write your own notes... -We haven't yet, he hasn't even explained it to us. -We just copy notes. We just copy notes, that's it. -How many social notebooks does Susan have? -A lot. How many are they? All these are social notebooks. Aren't these grade 5 agriculture? -Yes, but i think it's just part of it. -Do you have this drawing in your notes? -Yes. From 5th grade? 5th Grade? Suzana's handwriting in 5th grade was something else... Importance of what? Importance of vegetables. Agriculture... This one doesn't have a lot either. "He studied! He studied... He studied reading in college." Go get it, isn't that what they're requiring you to do? "The college was located..." -Edith remember we got to go get jingo strings. -For jingo? Yep! They said we should get the jump rope for jingo. "One day Ayika looked so unhappy..." What were they asking you to do? They were asking about yearly crop rotation. I can't remember the rest of the question. Simeon! Should I just tell them you sent me to grab the agriculture book? Lindiwe will tell them to get the bag that's in Edith's room. -Edith's. Then look for the book... -It's in there? I think it's on top. No! It's on the ground. Wow, Suzana has so many notebooks.

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