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Forbes: The Power Behind Online Videos? Subtitles

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David Orban, CEO dotSUB Subtitles real power for online videos Video by Roberto Bonzio, journalist and blogger Online videos are the highest emotional bandwidth medium that we have on the Internet. When you have somebody with passion, telling a story, or a commercial brand, even, wanting to let itself be known, there is nothing better! However, from a technical point of view, often videos are difficult to discover. Search engines have a hard time indexing properly what is the video content. Captions solve this problem, and subtitles in any language make global video discovery possible. My name is David Orban, I am the CEO of dotSUB. dotSUB is a company that deals with global video discovery, distribution, and monetization. dotSUB is used by different types of companies that take advantage of its platform, to maximize the discovery options globally of their media assets. For example TED, the conference and media company, uses dotSUB with a crowdsourcing solution, where six thousand volunteers translated TED videos in ninety languages. More than twenty thousand videos can be found, on any possible topic, and these videos can be made available not only on the web, but also on mobile phones, on tablets, on iOS devices. The interactive transcript makes it possible, to pinpoint the very segment, at a very fine-grained resolution, where the specific topic that you are interested in is covered. And it is the same interactive transcript that makes the search engines like Google capable of understanding what a video is about, beyond the metadata, more traditionally only of the title, and a brief description of the videos. dotSUB is used by enterprise clients, Adobe, Bank of America, WETA, Nike, and these brands and their initiatives take advantage of our platform. This platform is also available to anybody who wants to upload a video on, and with the help with friends or family, make it available to everybody in the world. Our next generation platform is going to dramatically increase the number of companies that are going to be able to take advantage of our services. Videos must be made accessible, and available, and they must be discoverable, by anybody, all over the world!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 23 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Forbes
Director: Roberto Bonzio
Views: 184
Posted by: bonz on Nov 25, 2011

The most emotional medium on the web cannot deploy its full potential, in an ocean of contents under… “search engine dictatorship”. This is what happened to videos: rankings and positions are crucial in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. But these search engines cannot read “inside” the moving images, to catch keywords and give them the proper visibility. Until when they’ll learn to do it, only written words can help to spread values of video contents.

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