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Pinheirinho - The truth doesn't live next door

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Sunday, January 22, 2012 Pinheirinho Occupation - São Paulo, Brasil 6 a.m. There are children here! In 2004, with more than 1 million square meters Pinheirinho was an abandoned land. It begun to be occupied by poor families from Vale do Paraíba region Between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro cities Already in 2012, when the troops arrived, 9 thousand people lived in Pinheirinho. They've thrown pepper spray on the children, women They didn't respect nobody, there wasn't - Were you inside there? I was. I've run away, my documents are all there. My clothes. They have no integrity. No respect with anyone. He said he would attack me, the police officer, attack me and a 5 months old child, on my arms. He said he would assault me. I said Im no criminal. Who do you think you are? He said he was a citizen. And I said I am a citizen too. I'm doing no harm. I said, you are here to protect me. Not to hit me. We were inside home. We wasn't affecting anyone we were trying to hide from the gas bombs They've throw it inside our house. Where did they wanted us to run to? If the only place we had to run to was inside home. And to hide didn't help because all the children felt sick... She almost fainted... The land belongs to Selecta S/A. A bankrupt company controlled by Naji Nahas. The investor Naji Nahas provided today in São Paulo The third testimony to the Federal Police. He's accused of price manipulation in the stock market. The investor Naji Nahas comply with house arrest for irregular operations in the stock market from Rio de Janeiro. And today was formally indicted in three legal process for crimes against the popular economy, white-collar crime and conspiracy. Naturally he escaped well from this one because of his LOT$ of FRIEND$ And the Municipal Guard just shoot a girl ... According to my son, they've killed one more inside there. A lady, right. And they're shooting the people who're inside there. The people sheltered inside, they're shooting on them Municipal Guard, together with the Riot Police. Are they shooting inside there? Where? Inside the gymnasium, where the people from Pinheirinho is camped. So, police is throwing moral effect bombs There's a lot of children there, look. Pepper bombs. Children are all sick... Two ambulances already left carrying sick children. The Civil Guard is shooting for real. One partner is already crippled, there in the hospital. In the "shelter" - Let's make this a denunciation. - My husband was shot by the Municipal Guard, here. We were not clashing, we were leaving. Aiming to protect the life of our baby, 10 months old. And him, to protect us, came in front and was shot. He's in Vila Industrial hospital. And his state is severe. What's that?! Where are the human rights here? Understand? People here are suffering Now they come to invade... This is a shelter! Now they want to invade here also and throw us where? Who has nothing ends with even less, isn't it? There was an advanced negotiation, in federal level, to solve the problem without using force. Because of that, for two times, the Federal Regional Tribunal cancelled the decision that determined the repossession as much as Friday (Jan/20) as in the day of police invasion in a Sunday. ♪Pinheirinho is ours!! I want my house... bastard, damn... to left us in this situation, in the street... I could be now in my home... Im a worker. I'm no vagabond, no. I work. Now they take us away and put us in the street... Then this thing continues there for 30 years more... To the 'pretty' ones there Isn't it? Am I lying? To put the pretty ones there, the big ones. Looking like a pig for slaughter tomorrow ... With a 'badge' on the arm, look. - What's that? - This is to bring me there, up... To stay in the shelter Now are we 'waste' to be moved to a shelter? I'm not a dog. For eighteen years... waiting... I'm 48 years old. Eighteen years inscribed in the city hall program. Where is it that they gave me? They gave no sh*t... I'm waiting until today Now, come saying they'll 'give' a house to us? Surely not. They won't No way they will. Sunday, when the Federal Court order was directly sent to the operation command, in Pinheirinho area, who received it was the regional court officer. Nobody less than judge Rodrigo Capez, that was responsible for the presidency of the Tribunal of Justice in São Paulo, that determined the reintegration of the land. He was there to show authority over the Justice official from the Federal court. The action of the police continues, announced the judge. According to the Order of the Lawyers of Brasil, by doing that Capez broke the federative pact. But who cares? What was happening there was something more important. It was an action among friend$. We're workers and head of families. We're there to create our children. We want housing and not a meal. Look at this situation the children are living, look Look at the situation, do you see? Is this time for a child to go to sleep? There's a child here with only 7 weeks of life Sleeping on the ground. Is it needed? No, because they have a house to live. We as parents worked for that. This is an outburst of a mother of a family. We are tired of the humiliation of this mayor. Social workers of the city hall were offering tickets for us to go away, to the North. In my case, I have no family in the North. I made my life here. I came here with one year of age. My children are all born in São Paulo. All of them are in school. The classes starts now, in February. What for should we leave? Our life is here. There's no conditions. They want us out of here to solve away their problem? To end their problem? Are we their problem? - And where are you going to? - From here we have no place to go. Our blessing was this priest here that supported us. Otherwise... If it wasn't because of him, we would have died there on the streets. And it's said that when the people were going to the shelters they were separating children from parents Separating the children and sending them to the Guardian Council Because we have no home anymore. And that's inhumane, what they're doing. To throw adults in the street and children in the Guardian Council And that's what they're doing. That's why we didn't want to go. And is this terrorism, they pass here, give some shots, throw gas bombs. They don't care about the children. Don't care about the elderly. Don't care about the disabled. There are many disabled here. They care about nothing. Just shooting bullets. They don't care. Throwing gas. Children all frightened... That's the way... we're passing trough this now. Unfortunately... The judge Rodrigo Capez is a brother from State Deputy Fernando Capez, from PSDB. Also Governor Geraldo Alckmin's party. The same party from S. José dos Campos mayor, Eduardo Cury. This people are all friends among each other, they attend the same dinners they have the same campaign contributors, friends of people who are very, very good friends with Naji Nahas and all of them have great friends on Court of S. Paulo who determined the repossession. What happened here was an affront to human rights, to citizenship, an affront to the adequate housing rights. The judge who determined this expropriation is acting on her own because we've made yet this week, an agreement with the bankrupt company suspending the process of this bankrupt company To give a deadline so the Federal, State and Municipal governments could have an agreement so the area could be expropriated and transformed and given to the inhabitants. But this judge didn't accept this orientation from Federal Court and on her own with no legitimacy ordered the eviction In fact the land belongs only to Naji Nahas because the mayor, Eduardo Cury, acted all the time in favor of the mega... scallywag. Because, from the bankrupted Selecta, the only creditor that is yet to be paid is... yes, the city of S. José dos Campos. S. José is the land of technology. Selecta S/A owns R$10 millions, only on old property taxes The land should have been expropriated and registered with the housing program of the Federal Government, Cidade Legal. The dream of a family is the ceiling, is to have a house, is to have an apartment, a place of yours. Where you let your children, having security. And in Brazil it ain't easy. (G. Alckmin - Governor) Stop it! We're leaving damn! No, there wasn't even confrontation, how could be deaths? - But there is someone shot But it wasn't in the military police operation. It has nobody wounded in our operation, nobody, zero. - Is this a bullet? Rubber bullet? Hit the the boy's face and injured. Do you see? Were you there? I was, it hits the face of the boy and he's gone to the Emergency. Film him! Film that bastard there! The guy is going crazy there, look! Take his picture! Film him with the gun in hand! Where are the other TV stations? The press in general? Were barred down there. They didn't let anyone in ... We've managed to bring only one reporter inside, hided And he was afraid of being spanked and lose his work material because the police said they were going to take it away - Can't he come in? He's a deputy. - Not into here. - He can go to the command post and he'll be informed. - But the deputy, people's representative, can't enter to watch... - Unfortunately not. - To check... - No... - Please sir, are you without identification? does the law allow it? Does the law allows you without badges? - Look, you talk to our commander, He'll explain you why we don't use it... MTST (Movement of Landless Workers) leader, arrested for no reason. A war... We live in a dictatorship, isn't it? Collective of Popular Communicators Interviews and Images: C. Beskow, Y. Caramel, G. de Bacelos. Edition: J. Vasques I like to ride bicycles, motorcycles... - Do you like to live here? - I do. Narration based on M. Cesara's text. Occupation images: PCO TV (Party of the Workers' Cause) Charges: Latuff Soundtrack:"Na Balada do Rio Salgado" Chico Science e Nação Zumbi Look there. Where I lived 8 years, my house being demolished. Look there 8 years the little house. And the neighbour's... Film it there. Calm, calm, relax... Why cry woman? When power is tyrannical, the revolt is a must.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 55 seconds
Year: 2012
Country: Brazil
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Producer: Cristina Beskow, Yan Caramel, Gabriel de Barcellos
Director: Jefferson Vasques
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Posted by: glpwagnerg on Jan 27, 2012

This video shows the games of interest in the eviction of the 9,000 residents of the occupation Pinheirinho of 8 years, in São Jose dos Campos. It also brings images of the day of eviction (01/22) and testimonials over the police brutality.

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