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Hello, class of IB grade 9's Today, I am going to talk about my days in Spanish in the IB program I hope you all are... PREPARED. My name is Jun, I am a student at PMSS I am 17 years old and I studied Spanish at PMSS I decided to study Spanish because it is fun and very exciting My name is Jun and I am in grade 11 at PMSS I am finished Spanish!! I am finally finished Spanish!! My first days (in Spanish) Were very chill (in Spanish) I learned a lot (in Spanish) With my friends (ooOOoo) I felt afraid at the beginning of the IB Program I didn't know anyone in my Spanish Class I sat in the corner, I had no friends in class sssssss... Pardon me, I got excited. We are going to continue In the IB Program, there are 10 characteristics Spanish class helped me develop the characteristics of... "Communicators" and "Thinkers" In Spanish class, I learned to speak, read and write very well in spanish I can communicate with people that speak spanish As well, when taking spanish exams, I should use many context clues to answer the questions I am able to think a lot in spanish exams Spanish class helped me develop the 2 characteristics And now, it is in my blood to be a "Communicator" and a "Thinker" It is in my... DNA When I was in grade 9 I liked the in-class interactive oral presentations We learned to bargain very well A cultural topic that I found very interesting Is "Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) because the movie "Coco" has Many! Connect! ions! to the pretty festival Reading texts challenged me a lot in exams So I studied connecting words a lot If I could repeat IB, I should read more and practice writing I advise everyone in IB Spanish to follow my advice READ MORE! Study a lot with Quizlet! READ MORE! Review your vocab daily! READ MORE! That's my story about my experience in Spanish class in the IB program at PMSS Kids, listen to my advice. When you all are older, you are able to travel lots and talk with spanish speakers Also, you will listen to spanish music easily and watch spanish movies with your friends After I finished spanish class, I felt content because I am able to read, listen and speak spanish well But I felt a little sad because I will not learn much spanish anymore but without a doubt, I am happy to have learned spanish, it's a very fun and useful language Kids, I hope you enjoy your time in spanish class and... Good luck in the future! goodbye. VIDEO: HYUNJUN CHO CAMERA: KAYLA LEE & PAPA CHO ACTORES: HYUNJUN CHO + SPANISH CLASS G19

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Spanish Project IB 11

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