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Can there be realization without Yoga? Sadhguru

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NO because there is nobody who is not practicing yoga, everybody is practicing yoga haphazardly when we say or when we use the word yoga we are not talking about a particular practice there is nothing in the existence which is not yoga the word yoga means everything has become one the word yoga means union so it is a grand unification of existence when we say yoga we're talking about a level of perception where you have seen everything as one so you're sitting here this is a kind of yoga just being able to sit in one place is a kind of yoga and that's what most of the yogis did it isn't it just sit in one place you're breathing is another kind of yoga, but are doing yoga systematically or are you doing it haphazardly, thats the only question but you are doing some yoga isnt't your heart is beating it is a kind of yoga but is it happening in the best possible way, that's the only question isnt't so if I do not do yoga can I does it mean to say I have no possibility, NO because yoga does not mean that twisting your body or tying yourself up into knots or holding your breadh, something like this see what you call as myself right now is only four fundamental realities your body your mind your emotion and the energies which make these things happen so for these four fundamental aspects we have four basic yogas this is known as Gnana yoga, Bakthi yoga, karma yoga and Kriya yoga Gnana means yoga of intelligence, Bakthi means yoga of emotion or devotion Karma means yoga of action Kriya means yoga of transforming your energies is there anybody here who is not doing these yogas all of you are doing it to what extent is the only question, isnt't so now we're talking about approaching these four activities which you are anyway performing with better understanding, in a more systematic way so that it yields the necessary result so can there be realisation without yoga, NO

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Is it necessary to have Yoga in one's life if they want to reach the ultimate? Can one do it without Yoga? Sadhguru answers this intriguing question from the Vedic Convention in 2007. This is an exerpt from the DVD series In the Presence of the Master - Conversations with Sadhguru entitled "Is Spirituality a Science"

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