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Si Buscás Inspiración y Motivación Este Es Tu Video

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This is a generic brand video. Based on a piece by Kendra Eash. Originally published on Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency. We think first of vague words in a settlement for progressing. Pair them with a footage of a high speed train. Scientist is doing a lot of stuff that may or may not have anything to do with us. See how this guy in lab coat holds up a beaker? That means we do research. Here's a picture of DNA. There are lot of people in the word. Specially in India. See how we're part of the global economy? Look at those farmers in China. But we also do business in USA. Or want you think we do. Check out those wind energy things in Indiana. And this blue colored guy with dirt on his face. Also we care about the environment. Loose, we? Here's some powerful russian water. And people planting trees. Our policies could be related to these panoramic views of Costa Rica. And today is a high speed environment. Stop motion footage of a city at night and cars turning quickly. Makes you think about doing things efficiently. And time passing. Lets you think we're a faceless entity. Look at all these attractive people. Here's some of them talking and laughing. And close up us hands passing cans to each other. And a setting that evoques community service. Equality, Innovation, Honesty and Advancement. Are all words we choose from a list. Our profits are all inspiring. Like these guy who's looking up and pointing us a skyscraper or a kite while smiling and explaining something to his child. Using a specific ratio of asian people, to black people, to women, to white men. We wanna make sure we represent your needs and interest. Or at least a variation of your skin color in our hands. If we put a baby in here? What about an ethnical men in frankly smile? Represents the happiness and wisdom of the poor. Yeap. Made entirely with stock footage from Dissolve. See and licensed the clips used at See the original piece at Music: "Piano work 02" by rysktchkw Available under Creative Commons License from SoundCloud

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Duration: 2 minutes and 49 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: jefebromden on Mar 31, 2014

Basado en una obra de Kendra Eash. Con secuencias de video tomadas de se ha hecho este corto que demuestra que sin importar de donde venga la inspiración, la creatividad humana no tiene límites.

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