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Subthai GOT7

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[final chapter] [The final episode of GOT7 HCarry] [Go to the manager's place] [Who can do better?] [Going to the airport without a manager!] [Divided into three teams To choose what method to use to travel?] [Bus, subway, cars] [Hard Carry Arrives At The Airport Without A Manager!] [Hard Carry Today, Start Now] We Do It! [Jackson's mood] [Transparent sky day] We have all arrived I was the first to arrive. Oh - What kind of bus? Behind me is the subway station. [Acting cute in the morning] Hey ~ [Traveling to Thailand!] [Swag their way to work] [Handsome guy and handsome guy] - Hello Thank You. We will have a meeting with our Thai fans. I'm sleepy now Bye bye [GOT7] [Flights to Thailand will fly!] We arrived in Thailand [Protect the face] -Hello.- - Do you sleep well, BamBam? [Fat Smile] [Last September] [After meeting the fans who picked up at the airport in a short time] [About their trip to Chiang Mai] We arrived in Chiang Mai. (That's what he said) Oh! I'm in Chiang Mai Have you been waiting for a long time? [I GOT7 in Thailand shouting loudly!] [Welcome them, GOT7] [Heart beating, building] [1, 2, 3] [Screaming, screaming] [Hard carry with the fans] [Super excited] [Acting cute] [BamBam effective idol group] [Meeting with his first love] Oh, that's durian Here I Am. [This point prepares for the meal shown] [Durian] - I like it. [Hyena swings around because of the smell] I never eat it [It's good] - It smells good [Let's bite.] [JB's first attempt] [I think I'm alright] [But he spit out.] Hey, why are you doing this ... I am sorry. I can't accept it. No one can accept it if they don't like it. [No one can hate it.] - Yummy I think it's been three years since I ate this. [Chomping it away] [Wow] [Durian, the king of fruits comes.] [Eating before the endless performance of American, Thai, Hong Kong] It's all water [The feeling is now full] [Jackson sings] [Let's go now] [Endless] [Endless eating that will end today] [Thai fans are waiting for GOT7 in front of the venue] [Proud of GOT7] [Idol groups around the world] [work hard] [Wang Puppy] Mark mark [Mark is indifferent.] [Please] [Don't pay attention] [Why do pushups not to get cold?] - What are you doing? [Gymnastics] [Jackson's getting hot] [1, 2 <br> 1, 2] [How do I look?] [Swollen muscles] [Mark and Jackson are cute] [BamBam is wearing makeup] [Take a picture of yourself] It will disappear immediately when the hair is wet. - Let's go! Let's meet with our fans [Jump] [GOT7 the best on the stage] [I GOT7 on the seat]

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Posted by: cocunun on Nov 11, 2016

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