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Speed Limit Signs - Driving Safety Adult Texas

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One of the ways our society maximises the flow of traffic and minimises the danger of driving is by monitoring speed. We post speed limit signs so that we maximise traffic flow and we can minimise the danger. Now at beaches and down alleys the maximum speed limit we should travel is a mere 15 miles per hour In urban areas the speed can range anywhere from 30 to all the way up to 45 miles per hour the typical speed limits you're gonna find in urban areas. Now, if I am driving down a street and there are houses that face that street then I am going to strictly adhere to a 30 miles per hour speed limit. Now, out on the free-ways the game changes a lot in fact we have the highest speed limit in the entire nation with 85 miles per hour. However, when it comes to a test, I would like you to choose this speed 70 miles per hour aaa.. as the general speed limit on Texas highways that are numbered or farm to market roads and a farm to market road is going to be typically found in rural areas, it's gonna be a black aa.. asphalt with the aa.. yellow strip down the middle, that's the way that's typically going to look. But this covers all of the typical speed that we find on our roads. Now, understanding what speed limit means is this first of all you can get a traffic ticket for going under the speed limit. How? Because we need to choose our speed based on road conditions these speed limits that are posted here are to be used when we have ideal conditions. What are ideal conditions? We have a dry road, it's well lit, our car's in good shape, and it's low traffic. If we have all those factors in place then driving the posted speed limit is suitable and practical. How do you get a ticket for driving under the speed limit? Because you're driving in a speed that's unsafe for the situation. In other words if it's raining outside or it's icy then in general people do not slow down enough so, even though in an urban area the speed limit sign may say 30 miles per hour when it's raining or icy going 20 or 25 miles per hour is really the best decision but if in that situation it was really raining and you are going 25 miles per hour and you hit your brakes and your car began to slide because of hydroplaning and that ultimately caused a wreck then you would be given a ticket for driving at an unsafe speed below the posted speed limit. So this is how we use speed limits to control traffic blow and minimize the danger of driving. And remember the fastest speed you can drive on numbered Texas highways is 70 miles per hour during the day.

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Speed Limit Signs - Driving Safety Adult Texas

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