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Kuna Culture

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Cultura y conocimiento tradicional de Kuna Yaka Let us discuss our culture. The object in this drawing is called SANAR It symbolises wisdom There are six elements that make up Kuna culture The knowledge and standards of Kuna culture are based on the coordination and respect for nature From this harmony comes a form of duality between the spirit (burba) and essence (sanaled). It is not just the Kuna songs that are cultural the rites are cultural, as well as everything in our environment This is Kuna culture. fermented beverage There are different types of fermented chicha, these are: INNA MUDIGGID (fermented chicha of the night) only lasts a day We use it to celebrate when girls first menstruate (when they come of age) The seeds that you see here are called GUINAR They contain oil which is burnt for the light Our ancestors never used kerosene as we do now the dance of the flutes GAMMU BURWI is a group of six or more performers The women play rattles that are made from gourds while the men play flutes The instruments have male and female sounds which compliment each other Our great leader used to go to the river to rest after fights. Our grandmother OLOWAILI saw that her brother was tired or weak and she invented the NASIS (rattle) and she used it to help him recover the fighting spirit It is also used to calm babies You are swinging in the hammock, you are a baby. you're still in the care of your mother. When you become a lady you will attend the relatives who visit us Traditional Knowledge Ants. They bring up the question of biodiversity to the Kuna people. This is because of the way they are used either as food, medicine or even for a ceremony. Today is the 6th of September 2010. I have problems with my knees and ankles. They have become swollen The doctor in the city have told me that I have to use medication But I have decided to use traditional Kuna knowledge and medicine This is why the traditional Kuna doctor of much experience has brought me in this mound. The person responsible for finding the nests is called INADULED which means a traditional knowledge specialist. He is going to dig to find a nest where there are many ants this is the most effective for the patient. What are the ants good for ? They are used for many things such as helping arthritis, muscle aches and also to improve circulation A patient must be accompanied with the specialist to choose the place Ants are abundant in Kuna Yala because it is a tropical place The bigger the nests are the better they are for the treatment The ants don't bite just anywhere but only bite the affected areas Here they will cause bleeding and discard all the bad blood The Kuna people aknowledge the symbolise here As you see the ants are tireless workers, the person undergoing the treatment will heal and become a tireless worker himself They will not feel lazy The second part of the treatment is to collect the remains of the nest with bijao leaves This will be used to continue helping the sick The remains will be collected and mixed with other elements of nature. The patient then uses the smoke from the SIANAR and the liquid part of the medicine This is all part of Kuna traditional knowledge. dedicated to the defenders of the Kuna culture Video made by :

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Posted by: insight on Mar 18, 2011

Participatory Video made by the Kuna in Panama

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