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Phase 3 pt. 3 (Age of Awesome Deception)

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Knowledge externally acquired is absolutely important. A very keenn of events unfolding in politics, A very keen observation of events unfolding in politics, in economics, in monetary economics. The irreversible melt down of the U.S. dollar that we have been anticipating for years now. A keen observation and an effort to understand with the external eye events unfolding in politics and economics is absolutely important. But there is also the necessity for internal intuitive spiritual insight to go beyond the external world to reach its internal substance. That you can not understand the world today unless and until you recognize that appearance and reality on all things connected to the Antichrist are opposite to each other, and unless and until you see with the internal eye in addition to the external sight you will be deceived and misguided. You will not be able to understand and interpret the world today. I bet you can be more comfortable with your per... There’s a lot of love about Toyota Trucks like the full size... I know there is some out there for me. That’s why I call live links... As long as you want, IHOP come hung... Now get Comc... Satisfy your hunger. Good because now when you buy... As we witness the world of wroth, is the individual in effect devolving ? With each passing moment our lives are moving in a faster rate our lives are moving in a faster rate rushing, but do we ever pause and reflect ? Ponder ? Question ? How did it come to this ? A world run through systems. A mechanical labyrinth. Built as a prison where the bars are invisible. It exploits our insecurities. It enriches itself on ignorance. Suppresses our ambitions. Have our goals been diverted from achieving the infinite to supplicating for the temporary? Have we lost sense of our selves ? Is the thing we are chasing real or illusion ? In Arabic the term for Antichrist is Dajjal: In Arabic the term for Antichrist is Dajjal: the great deceiver. The great deceiver. Have we been deceived ? Have we begun to believe his lies ? Have we accepted his definition of happiness, Have we accepted his definition of happiness, success, Have we accepted his definition of happiness, success, truth? Have we been deceived to believe in the false and reject the truth ? That’s the trick. Learn to live simple. They hate it. Learn to say: I’m good, you can keep it. They hate it. Walk with God. We need to go to the top or to the bottom. We need to go to where the real architecture of government is and it’s not in a president. It’s in a global scheme to make the 99% work for the 1%, and the 99% are going along with it because they are tempting you with every thing you want. In rap, a rapper named TI put a record out. He said: "You can have whatever you like." Americans love that. You can have whatever you like !

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Duration: 8 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Producer: WakeUpProject Film
Director: Noreaga & Achernahr
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Posted by: memica on Feb 16, 2010

Phase 3 aims to set a new standard in online films. This production will (inshallah) wake up the world, and unite the people from every country, religion, culture or creed against injustice. A film by the people, for the people.

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