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Survival in the Digital Age - Episode 4

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Survival in the Digital Age Stories about Info-Activists about Digital Security by Tactical Tech. Our friend ONO, the technology watch dog, is back. Okay he's not a dog, he's a robot that rebels against evil but you know what I mean. ONO is on a mission to explain how digital technology and communication might be putting you and your friends in real danger. Since the beginning of his adventures, ONO has been busy discovering how easy it is for people's movements and conversations to be tracked. How easy it is to read someone's email without them knowing. And to recover information stored on portable devices such as cameras and USB sticks. ONO revealed the secret dangers of mobile devices and explored the dark sides of using internet in public spaces. ONO’s mission is to make it safer to use technology that we have come to take for granted. Sometimes, however, it is not about what you have but about where you can go and what you can see. There are situations when access to certain content is blocked. Some people don't want you to buy books by particular authors, some people don't want things to appear in the news, some people want things hidden from public view. Often it is not possible to get to websites you are looking for or to use online services that are essential in your work. You might be surprised how often it happens. There are many places where access to information is limited and controlled by various groups. If you're using services that someone doesn't want you to use, staying safe and anonymous maybe even more important because you might be risking serious consequences. The best tools that can help you stay anonymous are, and the best ways to access blocked pages are, For your convenience this message was cleared for inappropriate content. Before accessing resources that might put you in danger, make sure you know what you're doing and who can see you doing it. Remember, that if you're not careful in using the internet, you can broadcast who you are and what you're doing. Not only to the services you are using but to anyone who may be looking along your way. If you provide your identification, or have to register, you can easily be identified with all the information you're looking at or transferring. Wherever you go to get internet access, Assume that the place you're using is probably monitoring your activity. Before you start downloading and using any tools that increase your access to blocked resources and strengthen your anonymity, make sure you can trust your own computer and the place where you connect to the internet. Sometimes it is better not to use any special tools, but to just find simple ways around blocked services. First try to search for them, some search engines give you access to cached content instead of connecting to it directly. Try using the cashe link, it might not be blocked. Ask people in safe locations to copy the content you are looking for. Get them to save the content as a pdf file and protect it with a password before sending it to you. If someone is sharing a link, ask them to send you a short version of it such as: tiny URL, FLY2, there are many many others. Make sure you are using the safest internet browser, one that enables you to install extra tools that will give you full control of your anonymity and insures safe connections. The most commonly used browser for anonymity and security is called Firefox. Before seeking out content that someone is blocking test your anonymity and privacy. Often it is not enough to install or use particular services, most of the time security depends on your configuration and checking that your settings are effective. There are websites that make you anonymous and don't reveal the resources that you are accessing. Be very careful, don't choose anonymising sites randomly. Make sure they are recommended by experts or other users that you trust. If you're expert enough and own your own computer, try different tools such as: Tor, Foxi Proxi or Hotspot shield. But you need to know what you are doing and remember you are risking your safety. Always look for ways to learn more. The situation with anonymity and access to information changes often. Something that is working today might not work tomorrow. Something that works in one place might not work somewhere else. The digital age is full of perils but with care you can find your way through them safely and unlock a bright future. ONO's how to surf guide book. Now available.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 13 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: tacticaltech on Sep 17, 2010

Stories for Info-Activists about Digital Security.

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