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Felix Turns the Tides

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"Oh wow the Blazers lost again what do you know.....Wait what's this?????" "FELIX look! War has been declared!" " What really! Those rat &*#$%$#@&!" "This is Madness! I have to do something!" "I must go join the forces. What do you think is my march ok?" "A little to the left." "So Long. I will miss you." "Oh Felix... :( You better come back soon!" "Honey!!!! Are you Home?" "Look a war has been declared!" "Oh no! Not again those pesky rats!" Mean-while all the cats raced to the recruitment office to aid in the war effort. "I have to go help! Look, I was a born solider and will follow in my fathers foot steps. See I can march!" "That's so brave of you! You're my hero." "I am going to miss you so much! I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me when I come back?" "Yes! I would love to honey!" "Well then. I must be going! I will miss you." The rats are destroying the rushing Cats. We need a hero! "BLAST! That stinky rat is destroying our left flank!" "Felix reporting for duty! What can I do for you Captin?" "You must destroy the rat cannon!" "Yes sir." "hm. I have laser vision... A cannon and training. BANG! "ATTACK!" "OMG, OMG!, OMFG!!!!!, Here they come!!!!!. Take this you rat &$%$&!!!!!!!" "This light fluffy cloud seems to be solid, Ill anchor here. Down we gooooooooooo!!!!!!" " Where is that smelly cat!!!! I cant wait here all day! He makes me sooooooo angry! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh your here! LOOK!!!" "Wow! Thats a lot of fur coats that will be made!" "More fur coats! wow our markets will be flooded!" "Thats not the point! We need more reenforcement!!!!!!" "Hmmmmmmm? Wait! I know what we can do! I'll call on Pop's he has my back anytime!!!!!!" "Pops need help fast, very urgent, matter of life or death! Felix"

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Duration: 8 minutes and 19 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: jsask on Nov 6, 2009

there is a war between cat's and mice

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