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Wybron Cygnus Variable White 100-Watt - Review

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♪♫♪♫.................[Music Playing] When you're lighting a stage you need to have a great white light for key lights, for the pastor's pulpit, for the worship leader It's really hard to get that out of a standard LED lighting instrument. Red, green and blues, really vivid colors. Those are fabulous. A lot of the newer LED lighting instruments have red, green, blue and a white for a quad type of a set up. And that's good because you can add a little bit more white, get a little bit more accurate. Where you need the punch of a standard theatrical lighting instrument, you need to have something that's designed for key lighting, in a good video-friendly color. And that would be the Wybron Cygnus 100 Variable Light. It's called a "variable" white because you can change the color temperature of the white from a very warm white to a very cool white. But you can pretty well nail that 3200 degree temperature that you want for video work. It comes in 16 or 24 degree beam spread. And all you need to do to change the beam spread is take this nice little lens that they've come up with, with the plate, that slips right in. You can't go wrong with this. You just slip it right in and it'll change either 16 or 24 degree beam spread. It's 100 Watt. It has fan cooling. So it doesn't have the huge heavy heat sinks. You know when you're going up the ladder to try to change the aiming on a light, boy that weight really gets to you. So if you have a lighter lighting instrument like this with a little bit of fan cooling in it, you're going to be better off during the day when you're just trying to do a lot of changes. It does have a little bit of fan noise. But boy, if you're using movers or anything like that where you're going to have some fan noise, you won't even notice this. So the active cooling is a great feature on this. The main thing is, when you need a bright white light, take a look at the Wybron Cygnus 100 Variable Light. You can get the beautiful 3200 to 4000 white light, key light, 100 Watt nice and bright, 35 feet or so throw. Beautiful instrument to consider to have in your stock of lights. ♪♫♪♫.............................[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 4, 2012

Getting great white light out of a LED stage light has often been a challenge. This white LED features a variable white light that works great for video applications. The light includes fan cooling and it is a lighter weight fixture than many other stagelights. Get beautiful 3200-4000 white light that's very natural and great for video.

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