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Green Team

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{Music} We're proud of our history and natural surroundings but what would happen if we didn't take care of it With the ongoing traffic chaos and pollution still people continue to go about their daily lives with only a few of them really grasping the importance in protecting our environment I've been involved with a group called the Green Team based in Scotland's capital >> So we're the Green Team, we're a voluntary organization We're also an environmental charity I suppose our history is that we started in 1995 as a project of the Duke of Edinburgh Award There didn't seem to be enough environmental opportunities for young people to get involved in as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Green Team was really born as a project for that but since then, we have grown into our own organization and we have lots of different sorts of projects going on throughout the year which is really from February to November when we consider that the weather is nice enough for us to actually go outside to do some practical work Our projects are really lead by volunteers so there are staff members involved with the Green Team but it's really the volunteers which actually lead the projects and make it happen So they give up their weekends to come out with young people >> They work with groups of young adults to conserve and protect the natural environment They can do this through part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award or through the John Muir Trust award We get involved with getting outdoors in places and using public places and parks and help to conserve those places I think the group is really great for helping young people to find a voice and to grow in self confidence and build more skills The team leader's main responsibility is to ensure the health and safety well being of the young people participating I think it's vital and also just to encourage people to participate and get involved when they wouldn't normally >> Before the programme would begin, we would liaise with the Green Team volunteer leaders and coordinators to try and establish what they really require from us So it works both ways, for example, we get a bit of additional help to manage our site and they also get a bit of expertise or input into the natural environment >> The John Muir Award is part of the John Muir Trust and they are the leading wildlife conservation charity in the UK so they want to encourage people to protect and look after wild land so they have started the award as a way of getting young people into caring about wild land and wild places The award has got four different aspects to it. You have got to discover and explore somewhere You've got to do something to conserve it and you have to share your experiences So everyday that you come on a Green Team project, you can discover and explore a wild place You get to do something good to put something back to the area and you can tell everyone about your experiences The minimum timescale for the discovery award is four days and so if you come for four days on the Green Team then that counts towards your first level discovery level. >> We did Duke of Edinburgh and they came and did talk on the Green Team with us. It sounded quite fun and it was a good way of doing our service >> We also run residential weekends so we leave on a Saturday morning, stay overnight and we come back on Sunday evening >> I think it's really important if your learning about team work and working together and being more positive in developing certain attitudes To actually have that trust that they build up is really beneficial I think >> So we were out at the Pentland Hills going up quite high, clearing some drainage ditches on the paths there so we took a group of young people out, walked them up a very steep path to the Pentlands so that they could do some footpath repairs With things like that, the rangers don't have time to do, they need quite a big workforce to actually go out and help them with that >> There are three different types of drainage you will be clearing out, we've got cross drains which you might have seen coming up it's basically two sets of stones that run parallel with a gap between so for these ones you are just clearing out the stones and the red bits in between it, you've also got water bars which are just a line of stones a bit like rubble and bricks and they're in a line and you put them to one side and then down the slope, just make a little channel and all of these channels have already got channels running but are beginning to get blocked up. so your just really scraping away what is there already >> I like it because you can see the difference that you've made and it's good that it's young people who can actually be bothered to go out >> so to get involved with the Green Team, you have to between the ages of 14 and 25 We've got a programme of activities that you can find out about either through leaflets that are handed out through schools and youth groups or you can go to and find out about all of the different projects that we have running >> I really recommend them to come because it is absolutely great fun. {Music}

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Conservation work

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