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Maeva Voice for the Voiceless

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Who am I? Merely a vessel of truth with a heart to reach the youth. To break it down, I'm a multimedia and performing artist bringing you the bread you need to eat, the water to quench your thirst with a flavor that always puts God first. Through my poetry, I promote advocacy. See I'm a voice for the voiceless because I'm sick and tired of this injustice. And yes it will take just us to unite so we can all fight for our civil rights. Around five o'clock my father called me and said, "Turn on CNN. There is an earthquake in Haiti." I just started praying and said the shortest prayer in my life and as soon as I was done it was just like, I have to do something and so I did. When the opportunity came to go to Haiti when they were like, "Maeva there's a plane leaving, do you want to go?" I was like, yes I need to get to my family I need to get some of this stuff to my family members. I wasn't nervous I was more determined for once I get there, I'm gonna do boom boom boom. Just as soon as we landed in Haiti I felt like I was home. And once we left the airport, just, my eyes were just like, this cannot be Haiti. I wore a face mask when I got to Champs De Mars. I can't describe that because it's not something I'm used to smelling. It's a horrible smell and I knew it was the smell of death. We lost six I was told from my dad during the earthquake. I'm a little hard on myself, not hard but, you know, I make sure that I stay focused because my family needs me. Me crying right now is not gonna get them water or the help that they need. Like, just being with them and just spending time with them that Saturday, for a minute I didn't think about the quake. Just by the time that we were just sitting there inside a tent, enjoying each other, you know, I didn't think about the quake. This earthquake has even pushed me further into my purpose because I've been declaring that I'm a voice for the voiceless, so I have to do this. So that's why we need to open it as a 501c(3) and be able to get donations without any issues. It's just gonna take time and the right people and hopefully I'm going to be one of those people because I do plan on going back to Haiti.

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 37 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: University of Miami School of Communication
Director: Alessandra Villaamil & Brittney Bomnin
Views: 309
Posted by: koze on Jul 11, 2010

UM students Brittney Bomnin and Alessandra Villaamil portrait of Maeva Renaud, a Multimedia and performing Haitian-American artist. Maeva describes her trip to Haiti after the earquake and explains the reasons behind her decision to leave South Florida in June 2010 and return to Haiti: to advocate for Haitians through poetry, to help the youth through her 501c(3) NGO: Orphanage Shalom Village, in Cap Haitian.

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