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Prepping small group on story of us

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So, lets start making a brainstorm about the story of us. I’m going to write here, so what are times… Um, the question I like to ask to start the Story of Us is “what makes you excited about this group?” What makes you think we can achieve something? I think we have potential. Okay, I just want to brainstorm, so that’s one. We’ve got potential. Let’s start with potential. Because that is something that you can talk about. You can say we have potential. You can even talk about all the potential you see. But you wouldn’t tell the story of the potential you see. Does that make sense? So the way I ask is, when did you see us choose potential? So, when Kristin do you think we chose to have potential? [Inaudible] When do you think we’ve chosen potential? This is a value that we have or a quality that we have. When do you think we made a choice to be potential? I think the kind of work we’ve been doing with the change project is asking us to be agents of change and make a difference. And I think that hones in on our potential. So working on our sector projects. Okay, so I don’t know a lot about this, right? So you want to tell me the story. Not just “Oh, we chose to work on our sector projects.” That could be like, “I made a choice to have chocolate.” So we really want to tell the story of it. So we know that every choice is preceded by what? A challenge. A challenge, you got that right. So what is that challenge associated with working on the sector project? There are so many other things going on then being here. Overbooked, so many things. What, details, what else? So we’re at the same time heavily invested in each theory but asked to create seven. And were interested in other people's sector projects when we hear them but also trying to culminate what we actually might value on ours. It’s also really forward looking. We’re theorizing. We’re still going to be full time students for another year. And we may or may not be able to do our residency related to our work. We’re looking forward one or two years. And did you all experience that challenge collectively? Like were you in a place where you were kind of going over this project with y’all? And what were the details of this place? Tell the story. Where were you sitting? Well, there were two different rooms. One of them was very awkward. [laughter] Why was it awkward? Because we sit at these little individual desks, and the room's really long. And there’s been a couple points during that class where we’ve gotten to pair up and share our sector change project with another person. And go off to a different space and sit one on one, or you know, in a group or trio. And that was really powerful Oh, we have 25 minutes, okay. So then, the final thing is the outcome. So because we made this choice to work on the sector project despite all of these challenges, what’s come out of it? Okay, so maybe, I don’t know. Give me three things that have come out of working on the sector project. They’re just so forward, I think [inaudible] of the future So there’s vision forward Yeah, so we’ve laid down vision What else, anything specifically exciting about the vision of looking forward? I think that outside of the vision, because we think of it so much, we make connections with other people that are thinking about similar things Yeah, you become a member of a community instead of trying to do it on your own. So, instead of saying we’re a group that has potential, You’re saying I believe in this group so much because we’ve made a commitment, we’ve been working on this I was so tired and I know we all were. We had so much going on, we were sitting in this really awkward room, I couldn’t even see the front. They asked me to take on another project But then I got together, and chose to sit with other people who were working on it. And now, I’ve connected to other people You know, this is the story of the excitement of the “yes.” So the point of this is to build that up. So you might want to think about building that up. When did we choose something that excited you? Was it when you chose to come, when you chose to work on this project, when you chose to take care of one another? Is it choose to support each others learning? Is it choose to be open minded? But you really want to talk about that choice, okay? So, I’m going to suggest for this exercise we go into [inaudible] and do your study work I would say don’t even look at this sheet right now, just look at this one and start with the choice. What is the choice this group has made that’s given you some hope in this group? And that’s really helped you to believe in this group? And then write the challenge and the outcome associated with the choice. And then you’re going to tell the story, okay? So, 5 minutes.

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Prepping small group on story of us

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